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Nutrition for Under-Eating Vegetarian Female


Hi guys,

I have a problem and i need your help. I have a female friend, she's 20 and she's one of those girls really concerned with her weight. She's has confessed that she has symptoms of aneroxia (from talking to a doctor). She barely eats, just some cereal or toast a few times a day. And she refused to eat meator fish!

I really want to help her, but i'm stumped!I'm not the most knowledgablen on nutrition and certainly not training for females. I've tried to get her to increase her protien, shared what knowledge i have, but her first question stumped me. So what is protien? what does it do? I couldnt answer fuel muscle growth as i would to a gym buddy...

I want to print out information for her, explain nutrition,protien,carbs,fats..Get her some diet plans (without meat), this to get her healthy - she looks great but she's often complaining of stomach pains, she's afraid to eat because she thinks food will make her fat!

And the next step then i want to be able show her what to do in the gym to staylean and fit,but healthy!!

Any advise would be greatly appreciated, or links to websites with the answers i need.

Thank you so much.



Did you ever think of browsing the hundreds of nutrition articles on this site or to get a solid book on nutrition?

Try Joy Bauer's Idiot's Guide to Nutrition.


Also, anorexics need to see shrinks and/or psychiatrists. You're most likely not going to get much info here for her situation here.


I have a female friend that is definitely anorexic. she has been in therapy for it off an on for years. She actually saw a nutritional therapist for a while to help but it just seemed to make her focus on how much she was eating and stress her out more. We finally got her hooked up with some peanut butter and protein shakes. She liked the taste and she was getting protein, which is important. She also didn't feel like she was eating a lot. Dude, don't make my same mistake. Never mention calories. EVER!


from what i know about anorexia is that the problems stems from deeper mental issues other than food and the anorexia is like a feeling of control and with control some feeling of security . appologies if im way off its just what ive read about it in the past .


You have to be very careful about trying to "fix" a friend's psychological disorders on your own. Yes, it can work, but it can also backfire. Thinking about the topic of food or bodies at all can make people with eating disorders EVEN WORSE. I've tried helping a friend with an eating disorder and I failed; a friend of mine tried with his girlfriend and succeeded. I think the difference might have been that he's a persuasive person and was able to make her trust that he could help her. If you think you can do it, more power to you, but I think most people overestimate their capacity to talk their friends out of mental illness.

I would say to get her professional help, but then again not all shrinks are good (and some prescribe medication recklessly.) Still, your best bet is probably NOT to try to take care of her on her own. She needs a nutrition plan from some kind of doctor or nutritionist (people are more likely to trust a plan coming from someone with credentials.) And she probably needs therapy. I've heard good things about CBT -- it's the only kind of therapy that can be shown to be better than placebo in clinical trials. What can YOU do? Keep an eye on her, keep track of how she's doing, make sure she's doing what she's supposed to be doing for her health, try not to trigger her anxieties.




Why do you even post here?

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Nobody asked you to be the police of the internet. If you have nothing constructive to add, don't post. If helping other people bothers you so damn much, just fuck off. You won't be missed.


"Shrink"? Is that a professional term?