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Nutrition for Two-A-Day Workouts?

What is the best pre and post workout supplement program for training twice a day?

Should Spike be used before one of the workouts and Power Drive the other?

If they are sufficiently far apart I could see that working.

I think one of the biggest advantages of 2/day training is the oportunity to carb/protein load post work out twice…if they are both lifting workouts and the goal is hypertrophy definitely load up post workout

Yup those and TONS of food and rest.

Nutrition and rest are everyday when it comes to 2-a-days.

Supplement immediately after your first workout with Surge, or a PW shake of your choosing with similar macronutrient content. Follow that 45 minutes later with a clean P+C meal, and take a nap. You should awake feeling refreshed and with a reasonable amount of energy that you can carry over to your 2nd workout later on in the day. And of course your diet for the rest of the day will need to be very good.

Shoot for getting 10-12 hours of rest (including your post-workout nap) a day with this kind of workout volume.