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Nutrition for Teens?

i am a football coach and i currently am coaching freshman it would help if you guys helped me built a clean diet for them
most weigh from 110-125 (i work with the runningbacks and these new kids are tiny!)
i dont want them to gain too much weight jus want them to lean out and stay quick/small
thanks in advance

You want them to lean out when they’re only 110-125? You complain that they’re tiny yet you say you want them to stay small? Sounds like you need to figure out what you want as a coach and not be contradictory.

If you contradict yourself, your kids simply aren’t going to have faith in what you tell them or believe in the system, which as a fellow coach I can tell you is the most important factor. It may not be the best program, but if they believe in it they’ll get results providing they put the work in.

That and you could try reading the tons of articles here on T-Nation about nutrition and putting on size.

im not complaining about how tiny they are they are small compared to other players is what i meant i just want my kids to have a good diet without putting on too much weight to the point where it slows them down

Gain weight and maximal strength (don’t worry about speed)
2 weeks leading into season add in speed training which will actually make their strength count for something
2-3 weeks into the season they’ll be shedding some of the bodyfat they may have put on during the off-season due to the increased caloric expenditure

Results in a bigger, faster, stronger player. Rinse and repeat each off-season.

Go read “massive eating” by John Berardi and draw from that as a basis for your kids.

thanks liquid I’m just trying to make these kids get all thy can out of this program
and you really helped

Glad to help. Go check out stuff by Joe Defranco as well as he is one of the premier coaches in developing athletes (in particular football) of all ages.

thanks so much


If a teenager can simply nail stuff like the basic rules of nutrition they’d be ahead of 98% of the competition. Stuff like drink enough water, eat more than enough veggies, become knowledgeable about the macros and such, to be capable to correctly explaining to friends about the function of protein, fatty acids, metabolism basics, digestion, vitamins, etc. etc., and TO NOT DRINK SODA OR ALCOHOL.