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Nutrition for Swim & Gym Sessions

Summer time is and the nationals in mu country will be in about 2 months. I will finish my exams at uni next week so I will have time to train hard without worries for something else.

Iâ??m a sprinter, I swim 50s and 100s. They are long at most 55 seconds.
I would like to gain a more muscle mass, speed endurance, have more stamina, and recuperate faster after sessions, because I will train 2 times at pool about 5Km and have a gym session 6 days a week.

I would like to know what shakes, vitamins (I have some Wellman that I bought in UK when I was there), what to eat to develop more ATP and fast twitch muscles.
I will see more in detail what market has here in Kosovo and I will post products that you will propose to drink.

Lift heavy, lift fast, eat plenty of food, and get SLEEP!
I was swimming and lifting last fall for the same races (just as a Masters competitor though, nothing on a National level). I felt that the lifting definately helped with my quickness and power, especially off the blocks and walls.
For stamina and quick recovery, I personally believe your swimming workouts should take care of that job on their own.

As far as supplements go, I don’t think there’s anything you could easily get (or legally, if you’re competing) that will make a huge difference. Just make sure you’re getting plenty of food and sleep.
I used to come home from 5AM swim practice and sleep until I went to work. The extra naps helped with my energy levels alot.

Oh, I did have good success with creatine though. It primarily helped me in the weight room though, not so much in practice.

I know that lots of supplements are band by FINA but there is something that I can use.

The thing is that I don’t what to take bodybuilding stuff or something that I will be bandaged from. I will take a look at stores in my city and I will post some of them, all I need is something light that will help me to achieve something a just a bit faster.