Nutrition for Serious Athletes

Has anyone read “Nutrition for Serious Athletes” by Dan Benardot? A guy on my team recommended it to me the other day in the gym. Of course the context of it was criticizing me for drinking Surge in the middle of my workout, but I doubt that would have been the message of the book. If anyone has read it, is it any good for endurance athletes, bodybuilders and/or strength atheletes?

Yeah I’ve read it, it’s pretty decent, definitely an advocate of a higher carbohydrate-protein ratio, and doesn’t really differentiate between carb sources ie recommends bagels and white rice and pasta etc. not much about nutrient timing anywhere, but in the end recommends eating a lot and has some good daily plans for high calorie diets (4500-5000+ a day), again the point is to eat a lot and work hard and you should be alright.