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Nutrition for Semi\SWAT


In a couple of weeks Ill be trying out for my base's SWAT team. And the try-outs consist of lots of running. Im preparing myself real hard for that week.

For those who run 5k,10k, marathons, etc. what kind of nutrition you guys stack on night\week before the event?

Current Meal Plan:
(This is M-F Workout days)
(Sat-Sun cut back on Carbs bout 50-75g)

0630: PWO
Protein Shake

100g Chicken Breast
100g Green Beans
75g-100g Brown Rice
2 Fish OIl Pills

100g Chicken Breast
1 Banana

Protein Shake

100g Chicken Breast
1-2 Apples

100g Chicken Breast
50-75g Green Beans
50-75g Brown Rice

150g Ribeye Steak
2 Fish Oil Pills

187lbs / 13% BF / 5'7"
Bench 385
Squat 450 (I know, weak)


weak my ass, good luck brother.


Your diets a little low in fat. Get some olive oil in there and some walnutts too.

You know how to lift. Compound movements, explosive, heavy weights. Your strength numbers are great.

I would throw some plyo's and sprint work in there as well. Your gonna need some agility and speed to be up to par.


Im sorry, 2 of 4 chicken breast I cook with 2-3 tbl spoon of olive oil. Lifting good numbers are great! But I need some endurance. Your right about the sprints.

What my friend I and have been doing is run\jog 2-3 miles on a 400m track, we sprint the straight ways and jog the curves.

And Steven, thanks ...going to need it.