Nutrition for Semi-Pro Training?

Hey guys,

I’ve been thinking about doing this post for the last few months but i just didnt have the motivation.

I’m currently on trial with a rugby club in the UK. We are following a 5 day training program but we only have a bare outline for our nutrition plan.

This is a set schedule and cant be adjusted.
Training plan consists of:

Monday: Speed tech
Wholebody Weights
Pool Recovery

Tuesday: Upperbody Weights
Skills/HIIT Conditioning

Wednesday: Wholebody Weights

Thursday: Speed Tech
Upperbody Weights
Skills/Light Conditioning

Friday: Wholebody Weights
Intense Conditioning

The question is in regards my supplement and nutrition. All these sessions are finished by 2pm most days so my routine is the following.

8am before training: 30g Whey protein, 60g maltodextrin, 5g Glutamine, multi vitamin, glucosomine, fish oil. (Going to start taking 5g creatine starting tomorrow)

11am after weights: 30g Whey, 60g maltodextrin, 5g BCAA.

Breakfast: Oatmeal, 4-5 eggs/egg whites, Brown toast and peanut butter.

Lunch: Chicken/Turkey/Beef with rice/pasta and veg (whatever is on the menu that day.

Dinner: Pretty much the same as lunch.

Snack: Anytime during the day i pick up a pice of fruit or two.

So this is pretty much what i’m eating on a daily basis, cheat meal is usually pizza at the weekend. I’m 92kg and hoping to reach 95kg while keeping my fitness levels high (very tough to do).

So my question:

Given the supplements i’m currently taking does anyone have any tips on how i could improve my plan.

All replies are appreciated.

You sound pretty spot on as far as clean sources of food. Do you measure/weigh your food? That would give me a little more info because it seems like your bustin your ass in your sport and in the gym so it’s important, for performance, that you’re energy levels are always up. And your trying to gain weight-you have the quality foods but ya need the quantity.