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Nutrition for Rowing While Cutting

Okay so I’ve been steadily cutting down for the last few months and am weighing in at 175 lbs. I have to be at 165 lbs for lightweight rowing and would like to ideally sit at 170 lbs with 5-6% bodyfat. I’m probably sitting closer to 9-10% right now (you can see on my log in the video on the last page at my current state)


So basically I require more carbs for training with rowing as it’s a highly intense sport both aerobic and anaerobic. That being said I’m unsure as to how to go about introducing carbs back in in large supply.

For the past 2 years I’ve been low carb for bulking and cutting. Currently thinking something along the lines of 35-50g of carbs before a rowing session and another 35-50g after?

I’m rowing 6 times a week, lifting 3 days a week. 5 of my rowing sessions are long distance pieces usually over 60 minutes as much as 120 minutes with heart rate being between 55-65% of max.

My last session is usually anaerobic threshold work right around 90-95% of max heart rate. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.

green leafy veggies?



Whole grains…?

It’s not a matter of what to eat it’s a matter of how much and the timing of it more then anything that I’m askin bout. Only carbs I really ever have anyway is spinach, brocolli, and lo carb tortillas.

Carbs first thing when you wake up, and carbs after your workout.

25% in the morning
50% directly PWO
25% 1-2 hours after workout

how many grams depends. If you have been doing less than 50g a day , I would say try to hit 200g for the day. If you were doing even less (30g or less carbs a day) I would reach for 150g for the day.

I’ll probably go somewhere between 150-200g and higher on race day most likely to fully carb up.

You are getting plenty of anaerobic work, so u need not add any further cardio. You could time your carbs peri-workout (before and after). So you get the carbs you need for your exercise, and are able to refuel youself afterwards. Go with liquid carbs post-workout, more efficent glycogen-synthesis. Also consider that your quantity of cals needs to drop for you to make the weight you want.

I’m already running at a caloric deficit so I’m thinking that rowing as much as I am will allow me for a bit more on calories. Rowing is mostly aerobic so most of my work is indeed aerobic so I question whether or not I’d need post-workout carbs for something where my heart rate doesn’t get above 65% during my training.

When I rowed in college I would just resume normal eating after steady state or if it was a really long piece (over 20k) I would have a scoop of whey after maybe with a piece of fruit if I wasnt cutting, then return to normal eating. Hope this helps.
Btw who do you row for?

Row for me myself and I. Soon to be team bihivar hopefully.

Also I have realized there is a huge lack of nutritional and muscular development information for rowing. Most programs are just centered completely around erging or being on the water. I’m looking into going about it a different way and seeing if that will yield more speed. So far it’s been goin pretty well.