Nutrition For Negative Training

hello everyone ,
i feel confuse about what kind of diet should i eat when i use the training method : negative training.
in CT’s article, he give out an arm training program focus on this type of training, Dr LL said when we training like that, we should lower our carb intake, but shouldn’t be this type of training is very good for stimulus growth? how can we just stimulate the muscle and then not giving the carbs to help it grow? there are 2 arm training days in CT’s “beastly arm program”, is that means i need to go for low-carb all the time?
anyone can help? (especially CT & LL)


It appears as if long eccentrics markedly inhibit glucose disposal. Obviously w/ heavy negatives you are going for an increase in size. So I too am a little confused on how to eat in this situation. If anyone has any experience or ideas here, I too could use some info.




seems like the key would be to eat lots of carbs immediately post workout … but cut out carbs when your muscles are at their sorest (and most unable to absorb glucose) … to get big you would eat alot more fat and protein to replace the carb calories.

just what i think.