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Nutrition for Morning Lifting?


Working long hours, then hitting the gym makes for some late nights. I've enjoyed lifting in the AM in the past, but since making a lot of strength and muscle gains working out at night, I've become almost worried to lift early because of how it would effect my meal intake.

So question for you full time working, early morning lifters.

What do you eat before you workout, and Immediately after?

I feel like my normal 4 eggs and oatmeal would be too much pre workout, but I don't want to carry that with me to eat post workout. And I feel like I'd be starving at work if I just had a shake.

Any input on this topic would be appreciated.



Well if you really want to expedite getting into the gym in the morning, I think training semi-fasted is the best way to go. Personally, I just roll out of bed make my pre-workout with some BCAAs and get in the gym (which is my garage) within 20 minutes of waking up. As far as post-workout foods, I would just try to find something convenient that had some carbs and protein, but relatively low in fat.


I'm similar to Mitch in that I just drink a protein shake and I'm on my way. Training usually blunts my appetite for an hour or so, so I just drink my shake, train, wait until I'm hungry, then get a large solid meal in me.

I prefer lifting when I've not got a lot of food in my stomach anyway.


Very similar here. Usually some kind of BCAA drink before/during and then post my favorite is Surge Recovery. Good carbs and protein and I really like the taste of the original.

I will sometimes use SWF or Plasma during and then MAG10 or something post workout. I vary my carb intake depending on what I am doing for a program and what my goals are at that time, so my nutrition changes to match. Because of the carbs I am taking in using SWF and Plasma I generally don't have much or any post workout if I go that route.

One of my favorites has been to pop a farenheight pill first thing. I know it's probably just a little caffeine kick but I get a lot out of it.


I've been an early morning lifter for years. I'm so used to it that I even train on weekends in the morning. I have about 120 calories of a protein shake (whey) before my workout. Then protein and carbs afterwards


I sip on coffee when I workout in the morning. I'm going to try some OJ with protein next time.


Morning lifter here.

Double Espresso

And then an "intraworkout" mix of about 25-50grams carbs and either one scoop MAG-10, BCAAs, or a similar quick-absorbing protein.

So it's only about 12 ounces of water from the drink and I drink it all before leaving the house for the gym.

I eat a bowl of oatmeal and some kind of solid protein source between 1-2 hours after my workout.

I'm not hungry and perform optimally in the morning on an empty stomach. I just add the pre-workout carbs because I'm a pump chaser.


I train 90 min. after I wake. I immediately take a 200mg. caffeine tab and a shot of Alpha-GPC, followed half an hour later with a dose of Micro-PA. Then 20min. before my training starts I have a Plasma dose and head to the gym, taking a second Plasma dose with me. So, it's no solid food, but it's not fasted or semi-fasted. I can't imagine working out without proper peri-workout nutrition, even if that didn't include Plasma and MAG-10.