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Nutrition for Mental Performance?


Besides using supplements, like nootropics and stimulants, are there any nutritional guidelines for performing well cognitively, like for a standardized test?

I will be taking the LSAT. I added nootropics and stimulants to my study regimen and my scores shot up tremendously. I am studying hard currently, but a bit worried about burning out and was wondering if there was anything I could do to help this fact.

For instance, I know that available glycogen for brain use is very important in cognitive functions, so I was wondering if increasing carb intake would be beneficial.


yeah man increased mental performance = increased physical performance as well.. Check out Biotest's Power Drive take it before study sessions and your big test game over! Also pre-workout you will have one hell of a workout!





I would take the stimulants you don't want to take. Perhaps you can cycle the stimulants you're taking, I have no idea because I've never taken. The LSAT is a one-time shot (in most instances), you need as good a score as you possibly can.

What's your GPA?


I am. Currently I'm taking Adderall, creatine, aniracetam, vinpocetine, and just purchased Powerdrive and some Spike Doubleshots. I didn't really experience any noticeable effects from the Powerdrive (actually did a little poorer than usual, but it might be due to burnout).

What I'm really looking for is some additional nutritional advice for studying and the day of the test. Should I go heavy on carbs, extra does fish oil, what?

LOL...my GPA is not good, but hopefully the LSAT and some life experience can make up for it.


Yeah, carbs and fish oil are good. I find green tea to be helpful too. I wouldn't take it right before an exam though, it's kind of hard to concentrate with a full bladder.

I vaguely remember something about blueberries being good for the brain too. Nothing specific coming to mind though, which might mean I need more carbs and fish oil...


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Really? I have taken both and didn't get the "in the zone" effect from modafinil. Adderal though gave me an immediate concentration boost. Maybe I got such a good effect from adderal though because i have add. Maybe I needed a higher dosage of modafinil to get good effects. I still have a bunch of it left, and need to figure out if it's worth taking or not.

OP: Adaptogens like rhodiola rosea, shizandra, eleutherococcus senticosus and others have been shown to boost metal performance on tests, especially if you are pulling all nighters or get nervous on test day (who doesn't?).


I tried getting my doc to prescribe moda for me, but he said that modafinil was only prescribed for narcoleptics and didn't want me doing a bunch of experimentation.