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Nutrition For Mass/Strengh

Hi guys,

I have been on a cutting diet all summer long (low carb diet for 13 weeks) and now im starting a new program designed for gaining mass and strengh (mixed) do you think that I should stop my diet for 6 weeks and go on a mass diet and then return on a cutting diet after this program?

Now my BF level is around 16.5% of course I want to lower it again but I think a 6 weeks of mass eating will shock my metabolism and give me the opportunity to lose more BF when returning on a low carb diet…

Whats your opinion about this?

BTW : IM 21 years old, 178 lbs. 16.5% BF 5 feet 7 (height)I’ve been training for 3 1/2years now.

I remember reading, i think a jb (John Berardi) article on that topic. I think your bf should be less than 15 to do any massive eatin.
hope it helps, good luck!

Check out

Massive Eating Reloaded, Part I
Massive Eating Reloaded, Part II

Remember to gradually increase calories

thats way to high to start a bulking program, get down to 10-12% or lower first.


What did your fatloss diet look like? How much BF did you lose?

Here an overview of my fatloss diet :

All of my carbs are consummed in the morning
1-250ml of oatmeal with eggwhites
2-125g with cottage cheese and vegetables
3-225g of poultry, 1 table spoon of flax seed oil and vegetables
4-1 scoop of protein shake in water or atkins low-carb bar
5-225g of meat with flax seed oil
6-1 scoop of protein shake 12 pieces of almonds

Can I use it on a strengh/mass program?