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Nutrition For Low Volume Workout

I’m on a cutting stage and have to follow a program for school with very low volume. There’s one heavy compound main exercise and then three assistance 2x10 exercises. The main exercises have schemes like 3x3 , 5x5 and 5-4-3-2-1

and sample day would look like

Squat 5x5

Leg Press 2x10
Lunge 2x10
Leg Curl 2x10

So I know it’s fine to have Surge while cutting, but given that this workout volume is so low is and I’m cutting should I? Maybe a smaller amount, how many grams of carbs for a person under 200 lbs? Or maybe just have a whey shake during and then a carb meal (oats and berries after?)

low volume? i would say just make sure you have had something to eat 1 or 1.5 hours prior to the session. Post Workout just toss down a whey shake followed by a solid food meal 1 hour later


there are of course differences of opinion, but low-volume is usually considered below 20-30 total reps per bodypart/movement. therefore, your workout is not low-volume.

i don’t know what you’re training for, nor do i know how much leeway you have or if you would even like to tweak your program a bit to get better results, but you could get a lot more help if you were more specific. post your important measurements (weight, height, bodyfat), sport, position, specific goals, problems, and injuries. also post other info like vertical jump, sprint times, amount of weight lifted (for reps and max), and any other info relevant to your sport.

good luck!

Yeah, I recognize that this program is far…from optimal, i’ve been doing Waterbury programs from here for a year now and love them, so yeah after his full body wokrouts this seems low volume to me plus 5x5 is the highest it gets, sometimes its 3x3. I’ve actually tweaked it a bit, i put leg press in for what was leg extensions, but otherwise I really can’t change much as this is part of a program for a school weight class Bigger, Faster, Stronger that I have to take.