Nutrition for Getting Under 10% Bodyfat

Ok. So Ive been an athlete my whole life, but ive never been “Lean” like ive always wanted to be. My whole life,ive been 12-16 percent and as much as I workout,eat low carb,I am sick of it lol!!

So today I went to the gym and decided to I was going to get under 10%,and I really am serious this time. And in the process I want to drop down the feather weight division in my sport(149) and right now I cut to lightweight(163.1) and I start that coming down from 175. I really want to take all this fat on my body and really be “Lean”. Anywhere from 6-8%.

So if you guys had to give your best tips on how someone could get lean like in about 5 months time(my goal),I would really appreciate it. I know you have to eat right and train hard, but obviously im missing something,and I dont know what it is.So I would like to know the best tips your guys have for being lean nutrition wise. I appreciate it everyone!

Theres no way anyone can help without knowing what youre currently doing. Anything that has brought past success is also helpful.

Post your diet.

edit: BONEZ got in first… but to reiterate, noone will be abe to tell you what is “missing” from your plan if they don’t know what’s currently in it.

Get your gut health in line. Period.

Well until up unto a month ago, I was basically low carb. I dont have a lot of money so my diet consisted of eggs, protein,brocoli and baked chicken,sometimes the occasion sweet potato. I eat about 3 times a day,breakfast lunch and dinner.

I lift 2 days on then 1 off. And I train in taekwondo 5 days a week(its my passion).

When I was at my leanest, I was in my third year of college and I was training for the 800 meters. The summer before,I ran 4 miles a day and on saturdays I ran 6. I lifted twice a day going low volume in the afternoon with heavy weights and high volume lower weights and then boxing after words. Then with my track workouts(interval training) when school started and lifting three days(monday,wednesday and friday),i stayed around 162-164.

I dont have that time to dedicate to training now,but I was thinking,maybe cardio first thing in the morning, followed by weights, then coming back late afternoon and adding an extra cardio session.

Or I could focus on cardio mostly and do totally body workouts twice a week and mixed in interval workouts about three days a week.

I will probably stick to low to moderate carbs, but I can admit my timing on when to eat them may be off if that helps any. I hope this is some guideline. I dont have a diet plan. I just started eating low carb and got used to it…Thanx a lot.

I’ve been up and down a couple of times and I have a couple of recommendations for you (without knowing too much about you):

  1. Diet SLOWLY. Every time I try to diet quickly it ends in disaster. When I diet slowly (1 lb every 1/2 weeks of fat loss) it always works real well and I don’t feel like I’m really dieting, so it’s an easy transition into maintenance. I’d recommend no more than a 500 calorie deficit every day, maybe even less than that. If you cut too many calories you’ll lose weight for a few weeks but then you kill your metabolism and your progress will stall.

  2. Eat carbs. I did the low carb thing forever and it was terrible. I didn’t have much energy, and I was always craving foods like ice cream and pasta. Now I do carb cycling when cutting and it works great. On hard training days eat high carbs: 200-300g. I eat pasta, white rice, etc, all the stuff they say are big diet “no no’s” but only on heavy training days. Then on rest days I eat almost no carbs.

  3. Lift heavy weights. Under calorie restriction you need to make sure your body has a real good reason to keep it’s muscle. 2-3 days of heavy lifting are a good idea. Then the other training days could be HIIT or SSC.

  4. Limit drinking to one night a week (if you drink), and only drink liquor and wine. I can’t lose weight if I drink beer. I don’t know why, I just cannot lose any weight if I drink beer. However, I can get absolutely shit faced once a week drinking scotch and vodka and never gain weight (just as long as you don’t order pizza when you’re drunk).

A typical cutting diet for me may look like this:

High carb days

Breakfast: 2 cups oatmeal, 2 scoops Metabolic Drive
Lunch: 2 cups brown rice, chicken stir fry (or some other low fat meat dish)
Snack: peanut butter sandwhich
Pre-workout: Surge Workout Fuel
Post-workout: Surge Recovery
Dinner: big bowl of pasta with ground beef

Medium carb days

Breakfast: 1 cup oatmeal, 1 cup egg whites, peice of fruit
Lunch: 1 cup brown rice, steak or chick (twice portion of high carb day)
Snack: 2 scoops Metabolic Drive
Pre-workout: Surge Workout Fuel
Post-workout: Surge Recovery
Dinner: 1/2 chicken and baked potato

Low carb days

Breakfast: 4 eggs, 4 whites, bacon
Lunch: fish or chicken, green vegetables
Snack: 2 scoops Metabolic Drive
Dinner: 16 oz steak, green vegetables
Bedtime: 2 scoops Metabolic Drive