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Nutrition for Early Morning Workouts?

Okay, once school starts I will have to be lifting before school, so at about 6 am is when I will be lifting. This is the first time I will be lifting right after waking up, but this is the only time I can do it since I have football after school. So what should be done for a pre-workout meal? I would like it if it could be prepared quickly or the night before.

Also, I don’t really want to use Surge after all my 4x weekly workouts (due to cost), probably just 2 of them (the day I squat and the day I deadlift). Should my PWO meal be any different if I take Surge or not? What would be a good meal for PWO/breakfast for the day. Eggs, milk, and oatmeal with a banana?

gatorade + whey protein pre-workout (50gC+25gP). Afterward a solid meal of mainly carbs and protein, a turkey sandwich with fruit and milk for example, is all you need.

That sounds fine. i would amke the eggs whites with maybe just 1 yolk. Simply as it will be digested nice and fast allowing you to utilise the energy and aminos immediately.

Something like honey and banana is good, with egg white omelette.

Generally speaking - keep it small and light, so low fibre, low fat and approximately 30g protein and 50g carbs will be ample for a good session. I would suggest you drink something energising during the session too… something with maybe 5-10g of protein/BCAA, 10-20g carbs, creatine… whatever you like.

Then make sure to get plenty in PWO and you will be the least catabolic mo-fo in the gym! :wink:

Spike Shooter + eggs

I’d do something more along the lines of what CT has been doing and have your Surge before and during training.

That way you could just have a couple scoops of whey after training and a solid meal shortly thereafter.

When I am training less than an hour after rising I generally blend a serving of whey with ground oats, 1-2 servings fruit, and a little plain yogurt for texture. I’ll take some gatorade powder for during the work out and have some whey/creatine afterwards.