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Nutrition For Beginners

hey all

ive only just started body building and i was interested in other peoples ideas on eating times and spacings through out a day, i am currently eating 20grams of protien and 20 grams good fats every 2 hours with 350mls of water, and only eating carbs after a work out, plus eating alot of veg as snacks,

is this good ? or bad ?

my goal is to provide full support for growing muscles, but not put on any excess body fat

any ideas ??? or help full information ??


a) Need more protein
b) Need carbs PWO
c) Don’t overcomplicate things

This is Dr. Berardis very basic nutritional tips that should be just fine for you(anyone for that matter). If you eat like this with reasonably good food choices you will be ahead of the game


thank you