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Nutrition for Athletes

I was wondering what recommendations Coach Davies has for athletes as far as nutrition go. I know he advises a lot of protein and natural carbs but does he advice massive eating protocols or just eating clean and big. Thanks in advance.

This is an enormous topic - the first step with an athlete (or anyone) is really to establish healthy eating habits, that will last a lifetime. Then we begin to lay down to supplement package to attact our needs. If you want specific ideas feel free to ask. In faith, Coach Davies

I know Coach Davies advocates tons of fresh meats and easily prepared vegetables as well as large amounts of glutamine and BCAAs. I imagine it would be difficult to teach high school and college aged kids how to eat in a more advanced manner such as massive eating. How about a sample days recommended menu for your athletes coach?

Kelly that was my thinking. I know it is really hard for me to eat massive eating style. I get more like 5 carb+protein meals and 2 protein+fat meals. Coach i was wondering how many calories you would recommend. I do three weight workouts per week and 6 cheerleading practices per week. these practices consist of about 30 minutes of back tucks, about an hour of stunting, about an hour and a half of pyramids, and then stairs for conditioning. The practices are very hard. I usually take two shirts cause one gets soaked.

Forgive me for jumping off topic in the thread, but damn, Goldberg, you make me miss that! And I guess to stay on topic (somewhat), I ate EVERYTHING I could in college. 2-3 hours of workout 6 times per week allowed for hour-long “free-for-alls” in the cafeteria 3 times per day. =) Those were the days…

Your damn right. Ive actually gone from 230 to 245 since ive started cheering. I think its because i upped my calories so much and started paying specific attention to everything i ate. We got 3rd in taping. Our tape was not as good as it should have been but we should win nationals. If we hit we will win. Ill keep everybody posted, especially if we win. haha

Goldberg we have cheerleading and gymnastics at the gym I work and I’ve done a bit of stunting and quite a bit of tumbling just as an occassional laugh. I know the stunting is really brutal on the body as it’s really a lot like 0-lifting. But at least it’s fun. Do you find it hard to get good workouts in the weight room after doing all that extra-curricular stuff?

Actually Kelly, you have summarized things perfectly and with a keen sense of reality. In an era where many people have completely forgotten how to eat - the first priority and my responsibility is to teach the them of the most powerful drug - food. Then we can quickly address the needs of supplmentation. In faith, Coach Davies

Try to give me some ideas of what your diet is presenly like as well as personal characteristics (ie metabolism). In faith, Coach Davies

I dont have any problems with cheerleading interferring with my workouts. When I first started I did get really sore, but not anymore. The worse part is that i cant do any overhead presses or my shoulders will ache for a week. I guess the stunting plus the overhead work is too much for my shoulder girdle. But ive made awesome gains in the weight room since is started back in March.

Right now I weigh 245 with 10% bf. My metabolism is kinda funny. I have no problem gaining muscle and its kinda hard for me to gain fat. I can pretty much eat what i want and not get over 11 or 12% body fat. As long as my protein is really high im ok. I can also hold a lot of glycogen. One day i went from 219 to 231 in 8 hours from just drinking water and eating a lot of carbs. I drink about 4 protein shakes a day that consist of 40grams milk protein isolate, 16 oz of milk, half a cup of dry oatmeal. My other two meals are usually red meat or eggs. During and after my workout and practice I drink a whey + powerade combo. This is the powdered powerade that has glucose as the first ingredient. I also take in 6 grams of DHA/EPA per day. I also include vitex and creatine. I also try to eat some fruit throughout the day. I work at an after school program that has fruit readily available so i usually grab some from there.

I am just trying to summarize this so please correct me if I am wrong - 245 10%bf, quick metabolism with best results with higher Protein, 2 meals per day (unsure of mix of protein/carbs)+ 4 protein shakes (blended to resemble MRP?). A variety of supp’s (DHA/EPA, vitex and creatine). Some intake of fruit. My comments and questions are basically two-fold (a) not a lot of meals but meal-replacements - is this due to time restrictions (b) do you eat any veggie’s - have you ever been evaluated for copper, magnesium content© what are your goals - As an aside, if you were an athlete under my direction (and had the time) your food (caloric) intake would go way up while generally keeping supplementation and adding glutamine/bcaa’s. Assuming, that is completely within your goals - you sound very athletically gifted and I this may be more of a “mass” concept than you wish (you would be the biggest wrestler there is). In faith, Coach Davies

Coach, What would you recommend to a 170 pound wide receiver? Currently I am using Perfect RX (MRP)mixed with skim milk around three times a day along with three meals from food. I try to keep the fruit and veggie intake up. My metabolism is “through the roof.”

F.Y.I. Training is going good. However, I am concerned about the health of my neck.

Goldberg, you have become a PERFECT example of the possiblity of gaining mass while doing FUNCTIONAL training. To others reading this post, there is not ONE movement in stunting that is comparable to a NORMAL weight lifting exercise. What a great testimony of good eating combined with hard work that actually led to MASS gains. Great job! I also want to mention that I hit my heaviest squat and bench ever while stunting. This training mimics the Westside/Renegade training in the sense that you are always working with a relatively light weight (100-120 lb. girl) with funky movements, but usually not going to failure. Yet, all of a sudden, you’ve got a 305 lb. bench and 450 squat at a bodyweight of 168-173 lbs. Don’t get me wrong, I know those aren’t shattering lifts, but they’re respectable, especially when you didn’t spend tons of time in the weightroom focusing on them. There’s more than one way to get where you’re going!

I eat the mrps because of time restraints. I would eat vegetables i hate them. I would rather eat dirt. but if you think it is really important i would find a way to eat them. Ive never been evaluated for copper or magnesium deficiency. I go to school plus work plus practice so its really hard to prepare meals. My immediate goals are power, strength, and muscle mass. My whole food meals are usually a protein + fat combination. Ill either have about a lb of beef or 10 whole eggs. In addition im very interested in your total program. Ive been given the opportunity to do an internship at my school as the strength and conditioning coach. We dont have one at the present time, so the program is totally mine to do whatever with. Is there somewhere i can go to learn all i can about your program?

Coach can you give some further recommendations as to quanitity of vegtables/types of vegetables to eat. Also is there any benefit to canned or frozen vegetables, or onl fresh veges? thanks Ed

I guess you might get the idea here, I am trying to focus on a long term health plan. While it may not a topic that many want to listen to or even welcome, I also think I have a responsibility to impart some lasting benefits to your diet. Are vegetables necessary? - of course. Ed - I like to see my athletes getting a minimum of 10 servings a day (particularly cruciferous) , prepared extremely simple. Goldberg, naturally with your present school it is difficult but I urge to try to add them to your diet. I would also be pleased to hear from you regarding your coaching. In faith, Coach Davies