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Nutrition for a Student Lifter

Hey, figured a post like this would be useful for all the university bro lifters out there. You know, guys who want to make progress towards their goals, but aren’t looking to get stage-lean or anything like that. Just a place for people who want to throw up foods that they found helpful that require a minimal (or no) amount of prep and are low cost. I’ll start:

  • Instant noodles with eggs in them
  • Pasta with a really meat heavy meat sauce
  • Greek yogurt
  • Protein bread (found one with 9g protein per slice)
  • Peanut butter
  • Cheap steaks

Would love to have more go-to lifting foods when I want something cheap and fast, so feel free to add suggestions.

Boiled eggs
Corned beef
Tuna flakes (the packs with no liquid in them)

This is one of the most expensive things in my fridge, cottage cheese is typically cheaper.

I like the idea though, here are some cheap things I consumed a ton of during university:
Bags of Frozen Veggies
Ground Beef
Whole Milk
Protein Powder

Forgot about nuts! I only buy them occasionally, so they’ve never really been a staple, but I’ll definitely have to get some bulk nuts to snack on around exams.

I’m lucky in that I’ve got a good grocery store (as in really cheap, but not the greatest selection or produce) nearby where I live, so getting Greek yogurt for a reasonable price isn’t too much of a problem.

I wish that was the case for me! I love greek yogurt, but even on sale it costs $4-5 per 500ml…which for me is 2 servings.

My prices are only a little cheaper, but in Canada everything’s expensive :frowning:

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Milk, rice, potatoes. You can go brown rice and sweet potatoes for lower GI carbs.

Seems worth a bump with back to school season and all.

The Muscle on a Budget article, Part 1 and Part 2 still hold up with solid info.

x2 Boffin’s mention of hard-boiled eggs. Super-easy to make (just need to boil water), can keep for a week or so, super-cheap by the case, with top notch protein and fats. Zero reason why any college lifter with access to a hot plate shouldn’t have a container of boiled eggs in their mini-fridge at all times.

Getting your fruit and veg from a market which sells the excess from supermarkets is a great option.

It is less than half the price and you will start doing something about all the food wastage western countries have an issue with.

The trade off is it’s not as perfectly shaped, may have marks, less shiny, less well presented. Tastes the same.

If you have good freezer space, a trip down to the butcher and ask them to give you some huge chunks of an animal deboned (think 20kg) which you then slice into steaks will get you faaaar cheaper price - again upto half price.

A 10kg sack of rice from an asian grocer os stupid cheap per kg. While youre there, miso, noodles, seaweed, curry pastes, that crap is tasty and cheap as anything.

Oily fish like sardines are awesome and cheap as anything. Even the canned stuff.

Pickled anything is usually a nice combination of tasty, cheap and pretty good for you.

If you’re really manly, chicken hearts are basically free. Some skewers, capsicum, onion, zucchini, olives, a grill, some wicked hot sauce and you will be in heaven.

Just stay away from anywhere jerks who wear skinny jeans, big sunglasses, crappy beards go for authentic ingredients (especially butchers who sell gourmet sausages - seems to attract the arseholes). They usually get fucked over by shop owners, driving the price up for everyone.

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Canned Mackerel in Mackerel oil, canned tuna, canned salmon.
Beef hearts, Chicken hearts and all other rat shit offal.
Flour,water and baking powder.