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Nutrition For A N00B! Help Please

Hello T-Nation! This is my first post here so Im going to try to make it a good one. I was introduced to this site by my roommate and fellow poster joeymotts. I am really hoping that someone at this site can give me some detailed outline or attention, a plan basically to follow as I try to re-shape my diet and get into the best shape of my life.

Let me start with a little background for you:
Height: 5ft 9in
Weight: 170
Age: 19
I started lifting probably when I was in ninth grade but have never really committed specifically to a regiment. More often, my lifting has been pretty seasonal due to playing sports but then not regularly lifting in the off-season. As a college athlete, I am now more regimented and focused in my lifting approach. I however, feel that I really want to change my diet and go from being in alright shape to really good shape.

I would say my goal in this is to lower my body fat %, get lean, and have a healthier lifestyle over this summer to achieve the body I want.

Reading a lot of articles and posts on here for me can be discouraging. I see -oh intake 15% of this kind of fat broken into saturates and polysaturates and you need to get these amino acids- and I think to myself that I dont know where to start or measure this out.

For the past week, Ive completely stopped drinking soda or really anything else that isn’t water. I have also basically cut out all snacks that would fall under the chips, cookies, etc nature. I have been having two egg whites for breakfast, and usually a dinner consisting of grilled chicken, some vegetables, and some fruit throughout the day. More or less due to my schedule, I am only having two real meals of the day which I am sure will not be encouraged whatsoever here.

WHAT I’M HOPING is someone could please take their time and basically lay out a meal plan for me that can help me reach my goal, from what I should eat each meal, what Im doing wrong, what Im doing right and so on. I want to make it clear, although it might not be met with good response, that I DO NOT want to use any type of supplement or protein powder during this period.

Thank you very much in advance and I hope to be able to join your community and inform you on my process.

Dirty Dirtenstein

I agree, getting too complicated at this stage for you is not necessary.

I’m a believer in Berardi’s nutritional principles (as a starting point), but allows for some deviation.

  1. Eat every 2-3 hrs ( I prefer 2 hrs for bulking, 3 hrs for clients looking to lose weight)
  2. Eat a complete protein with each meal (think meat, dairy, seafood for example)
  3. Eat a veggie and/or fruit with each meal (fat loss focus on more veggies than fruit)
  4. Ensure that your carb intake comes from veggies/fruit (exception post-workout PWO) this would be the time for oatmeal, WW pasta/bread, potatoes, etc
  5. Eat healthy fats (don’t make it complicated at this point), just eat a variety of foods (meats will take care of your sat. fats, salmon and nuts and extra virgin olive oil will take care of the rest)
  6. drink only non-calorie containing beverages
  7. eat mostly whole food sources

You’re moving in the right direction, right now focus on increasing meal frequency and protein intake. Along with more veggies/fruits and healthy fats


That pretty much covers it.

That’s all about right; except for the post-workout. That is actually when you need fast digesting carbs to replenish your glycogen stores. (Think PB& J on white bread,chocolate milk,Just think sugar, but not too much.) Moderation is key. Yes, eat frequently. DONT GO HUNGRY! That’s a big one. Whether your goal is to gain weight, lose weight, or even maintain, staying comfortably full is very important. It’s also really important to remember that not all calories are created equal. So if you eat before you go to bed, (Which I reccomend if you are bulking or if you work out in the morning,)then make sure you are eating the right kinds of food. Slow digesting proteins such as the ones found in cottage cheese will promote muscle growth. I have also found that drinking milk is an easy protein source-anytime. These will all contribute to having a low body fat. Try to incorporate some form of cardio too. Eat out ON OCASSION to keep a social reputation and to moderate yourself even more. Experiement. Don’t be affraid to try new stuff. What may work for someone else might not work for you. It’s all about the equation: calories in vs. calories out. Find your balance. Good Luck

I think these should fit the bill:


Then after you want to learn a little more:


It might be time consuming but there alot of good articles on here to help, it took me a long time to get any understanding of what and when I should be eating, the most important part of all i think should be:

-eat every 2-3 hours
-in the morning eat to get your metabolism started with lots of protien
-eat before you sleep with slow digesting protien
-eat lots of meat