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Nutrition for a Beginner


So I have my routine and best of all I am sticking to it and enjoying it. I feel happier, healthier and notice that my urges to eat junk food are greatly diminished and quite frankly I feel a bit naff after eating it anyway now. Though as I continue I have noticed that I am missing the most important thing in my training, a good diet.

I eat reasonably healthily and start the day with a big bowl of oats but could really do with improvement. Can anyone send me some good links or give me some good tips on nutrition. I tend to see alot of information about and quite frankly it eventually all gets confusing as some stuff starts to contradict one another.

The only real constraints I have to my diet are that the evening meals mostly have to be vegetarian (Day time meals can quite happily contain lean meats).

For reference I'm 6ft3" and probably weigh in around 89 to 92kg.

Thanks for any advice and I'll see you all in 3-4 months after I get started ^_^.


Ok then...first thoughts.

Have a try at keeping a food log and posting it here. Then folks can see what you are actualy eating and take it from there.

Here is 1 link.



Eat meat (or eggs) at every meal. Eat vegetables, fruit, complex carbs, stay away from crap food.

Not that hard.


big nurse: Cheers. I'll take a log for two weeks then come back.

Chris: Good simple advice, cheers.



Start here.


White meat chicken, Spinach, Eggs, Oats, Lowfat Cottage Cheese or Greek Yogurt with berries and granola, whole grain breads/rice on occasion (especially post workout or in the morning). I found a great meal replacement that helped me kick start my diet Its called "The Ultimate Meal" I replaced 2-3 snacks a day with this stuff mixed in water with ground flax seed and fresh fruit and the weight and more importantly fat just fell off.
Im almost 6'6" and have worked my way down slowly over the last year from a husky 275lbs to 238lbs all the while lifting heavy and improving in the gym...Its a slow process if you want to do it right...its not a 8 week plan its a lifestyle.


i'm 6'3 218 at 15 years old i train multiple times a week with a strength/conditioning coach and practice basketball 5 times a week now as it is bball sseason. how much and what should i be eating for maximm fat loss/muscle gain


Eat a large amount of meat (or eggs), a serving of vegetables, a piece of fruit, and a complex carb source at every meal.

Eat 3-4 meals a day.




at your age and active lifestyle if you eat the right foods its almost impossible for you to over eat...huge emphasis on "The Right Foods". If you stayed away from processed/refined foods and stuck with meat, veggies, fruit, complex carbs, and some dairy you could eat like a horse and get ripped