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Hey guys, I have a couple questions. I am looking to cut up and lose some body fat. I play baseball. Im 21 years old, 6’0 215lbs, solid thick build. I am well built but I need to drop body fat and become more lean for baseball. As of now I try to do cardio 4 days weak for about an hour then lift a specific body part for about an hour and a half (i.e. chest/tri,back/bi,shoulder/forearm). I am looking for advice on how I should train to drop some weight and body fat. Should I go with lighter weights with more reps to cut up and stay with cardio 4 or 5 days a week. Are there any helpful dieting or training tips out there. What kind off food should I eat and should I cut down on how much I eat. I heard the low carb diet will drop you weight but the weight will come back and the diet is unhealthy. Also are there any legal supplements (GNC) that you would advise. Hit me back. Thank you.

Low carb won’t necessarily make you lose weight, and it low carb is not unhealthy.

Read the FAQ section. Start there. Also, look into the Renegade Training by Coach Davies - www.renegadetraining.com

EDT training does a good job of keeping my BF low. I do that three times a week and then mix in a little cardio the other days. I follow the massive eating program, which will also help you keep the baggage to a minimum. You can search for articles on both EDT and massive eating on the website. Good luck.

You do have legs right? Train 'em.

Look at Ian Kings articles and training programs. drop the cardio. you dont need it in baseball.