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Recommended this site from flatmate. Work out with weights quite often but cannot drop 5kg so feel good. Would love to know how much eating has an impact and whether as a girl I should be lifting the heavy (relative to female strength) weights I am currently. Also taking fat burner and doing cardio heaps. How do I eat for this to be at its max?

There’s an article at T-mag called “How to Build a T-Vixen”. Check it out in the previous issues section. That’ll get you started.

I think the following article should answer your questions about diet, cardio, and lifting.


For a great article on supplementation check out the "new supplement pyramid"

Good Luck KraigY

I train right alongside my boyfriend and in many of the exercises, lift as heavy as him. So, yes, a “girl” can and should lift as heavy - as long as proper form and technique are being followed.

As for your question on diet, well, really can't give you any specific advice w/out more specific information from you. But from what you have here, you need to read the FAQ section, the "How to Build a T-Vixen" article as was previously suggested, and the 'Heirarchy of Needs" article by Chris Shugart. Reading the "The Diet Manifesto" and "Foods that Make You Look Good Nekkid" would help, also.