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Nutrition Education

Hey guys,

Right now, I am deciding what my career in life is going to be, and what education I will need for that.

What I want to do is get into nutrition research. I want to be the guy whose study is referenced in nutrition articles. I’d also like to write about it eventually.

So initially, I was going to go into kinesiology, but exercise isn’t my passion so much as nutrition, so it seems a waste to learn all this exercise information to learn a little nutrition.

My other option could be dietician, but I’m sure I could not stand one lecture on the things they seem to be taught.

So really, what degree would I need? Are those researchers medical doctors?

I wish there was a way to fast-track my way into that field without spending years learning things I’d never need or am interested in, but maybe it’s not possible.

I would start with an undergrad degree in biochem rather than any of that other retarded shit that passes for science under the umbrella of kinesiology, exercise science, nutrition, etc. Unless you just wanna learn the food pyramid.