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Nutrition During School Day - HELP!


I'm an 18 year old high school senior who is gearing up for spring track. I'm about to begin training, but I've got some questions about my diet.

First off, how am I supposed to get all the right nutrients during the school day? I've got breakfast at 6:30 am, lunch at 10:30, and then I don't eat again until I get home from practice til around 5:30! I know I could snack on a protein bar or something, but at at least two bars per day, that'd be pretty expensive, no? Bars come in boxes of twelve usually, at around $20 per box. Does anyone have any insight as to how I can get the nutrients I need throughout this day? I know I need 5 or 6 small meals for optimal metabolic function, which leads me to my next question.

Since I get home at 5:30 or so, I've got about 5-6 hours to take my post workout stuff. My mom makes some great meals, but doesn't always provide me with the protein I need. I end up supplementing most of my protein. I eat whole grains, and as much fruit as possible, whenever it's available in my house. Any suggestions as to how to break up my meals so that I've got an empty stomach by bed time to take ZMA?? And my last question...

I read the ZMA threads about the competitive inhibition of calcium. I've been taking the GNC brand multi-vitamin, and I feel great. I make it through the school day and practice even on the days that I don't get enough sleep the night before. Would it be OK for me to just take one of these vitamins in the morning, as opposed to the recommended two per day (the second coming at dinner time), and then taking the ZMA at night time? Also, I am doubtful of this, but are there any multi-vitamins out there without calcium?

Thanks for any help that anyone can provide to me.


Simply put, you'll have to drop some of your own cash to get quality nutrition during school hours, unless you can find a way to get whole food to last you throughout the day. Take a cooler, maybe? I did that at work when I had to drive 15 miles one way from home. Or just order some bars off of this site. Or, eat like a gladiator at breakfast and lunch. It's not easy, as you can tell. You are in school, and that inherently is going to pose a challenge for you.

You may have to resort to bumming a credit card and ordering bars if it means that much to you.


You could invest in a quality MRP for during school, and down it between classes, though that will likely run as much as bars would, but would be a better choice.

I realize cost is always a concern but given your time constraints you're pretty limited here.
Perhaps a bag of mixed nuts and a piece of fruit could be another option for during school hours.


go to store, buy a bunch of apples and fruit and carrots. Get some protein powder.

Put this stuff in your backpack, I don't care if "backpacks" are nerdy, just fucking load it up with food. Every two classes, you better EAT.

Don't worry so much about macros and kcals. just EAT enough to keep you from being hungry for the next 2 hours. To totally rip this off of Berardi, he says something along the lines of you should be eating so many fruits and vegetables, people start telling you that you'll turn into one.

it's not hard to put back 2 apples and slug back 20-50g of protein, then 2 hours later, eat a bunch of carrots or sliced bell peppers, JUST EAT. this stuff is probably already in your fridge.

if not (it should be) just start eating what you have around the house. Anything is better than nothing.

every 2 hours, EAT something. You'll feel better and perform better than ever!


When I was in year 12, combined with 'study'periods I had plenty of time to get my food intake in.

However, in year 11 I experienced the same problem as you, so I ate between classes. This may not work for those who eat slow, but I have always been a quick eater. I would walk out of class, rip out a chicken breast(precooked obviously) or tuna sandwich and eat that and a piece of fruit every two or so hours (when this timing coincided with a break in classes) while walking to my next class. I should note that usually I'd be finishing my fruit at the beginning of class, and this may not be best if you have teachers against eating in classrooms.

So yeah, that's how I got my meals in at school.

And as a note, me eating like this was enough for me to gain in high school.


I eat during class. After class. At lunch. Anytime really. Sandwiches are easy to make and eat. If you can't eat during class then eat something quickly between classes.


Ok, honestly I didn't read all of your question, but here's my experience.

I was a 135# junior afer XC season. By senior year I had managed to get to 145ish. I'd take hard boiled eggs with me and eat them in the locker room before school. I carried a bag with 2 peaunut butter sandwiches, pretzels, an apple, a meat sandwich and maybe something else around the halls. I'd eat a PB sandwich between morning classes, eat my lunch then have the other PB sandwich in the afternoon.

I'd buy a $.35 milk and stash it in a fridge in a science room. After my weightlifing class I'd go get my milk and make a shake with the powder I left in my locker (or brought in a shaker cup). Then I'd go home after practice and eat dinner, some more protein shakes and a cheap steak before bed. By the end of senior year I was pushing 165# I think.

The only drawback was the massive shit I'd have to take every day between 3rd and 4th period. And I mean MASSIVE!



yea sandwhiches i ussale have brekfest at 6 30 , and homeroom at 8 30 lunch at 11 then i have a protein shake before and after work out and just whole food during the remainder of the day if you have a homeroom period at your skool make a sandwhich with around 6 slices of meat i go for turkey, make two for the skool day u should be fine