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Nutrition During Forced Time Off

Long story short I got in a pretty nasty car accident this weekend and while I some how walked away with no serious injuries and am able to move around pretty good, but I messed up my neck and chest pretty good as well. It looks like Im going to have too take a week or 2 off. For the past 10 months I’ve been training hard and my nutrition has been good however during this time off I’m totaly lost on what to do nutrition wise. I’ve been at 275 carbs 250 protein and 80 fat for the past while and things have been going well.

I know I’ll be burning less calories now that I can’t train so should I cut a some calories from carbs and fat and how much about? I’ll be walking to class every day so I will still be doing something at least and I Know my muscle would waste away significantly in a week or 2 but anything I can do to keep the fat gain and muscle loss to a minimum would be awesome. Thanks!

Your diet shouldn’t change at all. Taking a week off shouldnt hurt you at all in fact it will help your CNS and muscles recover and grow. Eat whatever you would when you’re training. If digesting food is an issue try more liquid meals

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If you’re massing/bulking as suggested above you should use these two weeks as a deload of sorts. Continue eating as you have to allow your body to catch up on recovery and supercompensate so that when you return to training you’re fresh in body and mind and raring to go.

If you’re in a deficit/cutting bump calories up to maintenance to achieve a similar effect.

In the end 2 weeks won’t really matter in the long term but play it right and you can avoid setting yourself back a week or set yourself up for the next few months.

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Like others said you will be fine.


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Hey guys thanks a lot for the advice. I just started training again a few days ago and honestly saw very little if any losses in strength, also my physique looks like it did pre injury.

The week and a half off from the gym actually was very needed. I am sleeping more and have a TON more energy throughout the day. Thanks again guys

Keep up with the sleeping/nutrition to maximise recovery. If you found pseudo deloading works well for you try to incorporate proper deloads in every now and then in future (minus the car accidents lel)

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