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Nutrition/Diet Plan for OVT

I have just begun OVT and I’m shooting for strength gains and fat loss (or at least not fat gain). I intend to read up on Thib’s “Running Man” article, and integrate 2-3 days of that energy-system work in order to promote fat loss and increase my level of conditioning.

I also plan to follow the outlines in the Carb Cycling Codex, eating more on certain days and less on others, with some moderate days included.

I’m looking for feedback on my meal plan, or other comments/suggestions as to improvements I could be making.

1c Oats
1c Skim Milk
1scp Grow! Whey
1/4c Raisins/dehydrated fruit

Some form of fruits/plain yogurt w/ Grow! Whey

Chicken breast

Snack #2: If post workout, a shake consisting of 1.5scp Grow! Whey, 1.5c Skim Milk, and fruit.
If not, some carbs (granola, yogurt + protein like fat-free/low-fat cottage cheese)

PWO Meal/Dinner: If PWO, a larger quantity of food. This would be regulated by the moderate/high/low day cycles.

Final Snack:
A few egg whites and a yolk with cheese, perhaps some meat
Peanut butter and cottage cheese (4% preferably)

Along with some Fish Oil capsules

I’d also be taking 5g/creatine a day, as I’ve been for the past couple months.

Some things to consider:
I’m a high school student, so I haven’t much time between classes nor do I have much flexibility in my schedule.

Please leave suggestions, this is just a broad outline that I’ll hammer out a bit more (macronutrient count) that is in alignment with my Carb Cycling Codex values.

Throw up how much protein that diet has, along with total calories and how many carbs you’ll get on high/med/low days.

Thats kinda the point of carb cycling.