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Nutrition/Diet for an Athlete?



I hope you can help me :slight_smile:

I'm 20y, 5'9"(1.75m) and about 194lbs(88kg).
I use the basic ws4sb3 4x a week and I also have 3x soccer practice followed by a match on sunday.

I want to lose about 11lbs(5kg) but without losing much power for soccer and weight lifting. I used the anabolic diet last year with great results but I was useless during soccer practice but I could hold my weights ( I also used ws4sb).

What do you think about something like that:

low fat curd cheese 500g
raisin 10-20g

1-3x during school:
wholemeal toast 50g
chicken breast 80g

before workout:
protein shake 60g
banana 1x

after workout:
orange juice 1liter
whey shake 48g

1hour later:
chicken 200g
rice 125g

before sleeping:
low fat curd cheese 500g

If I have soccer practice I want to use the chicken and rice for lunch because soccer practice is over at 9pm.


I know vegetables are missing but I don't like them very much :slight_smile:

I hope everything is translated correctly.



[quote]Exitus wrote:

I know vegetables are missing but I don’t like them very much :slight_smile:


Suck it up and eat your veggies… least some spinich and broccoli…



and is the rest fine?

Will it be enough to add some veggies to lunch, breakfast and toast with chickenbreast for my goals?


It’s hard to lose fat and train hard for your sport WHILE lifting weights, almost near impossible, but it can be done, you just have to find a perfect balance between the caloric deficit and having enough energy for practice… I’d rather wait for off-season :wink:

But if you insist on losing the weight now, I’d recommend decreasing the carbs a bit, and up-ing fats, if you’re endo that would work great.

And eat veggies! :stuck_out_tongue:


So how and what should I change?


[quote]Exitus wrote:
So how and what should I change?[/quote]

Implement the seven steps Dr. Berardi explained in The Athlete Diet:

Problems solved.


For breakfast add 1/2 cup oats dry instead of raisins…

post workout use one scoop Waxy Maize with your protein instead of A liter of orange juice

And with your last meal have your chicken with 1 1/2 cups of green vegetable…instead of rice

who care if you dont like veggies…you are looking for results