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Nutrition/Diet Advice for 35yo Male

For 35, I am not in the greatest of shape. I have taken a year off from any sort of training/dieting. The past 5 weeks, I’ve been back at it and going around 70% of intensity/focus. I know I have more to give. That is coming next week when I start the “complex” training. But, for now, I want to go over my diet after you hear my stats:
5’10", 213#, BF I’m not sure of. I’ve trained since I was 15, and at one time I was 255 at 7% BF while in competition.
Now, the diet:

Training @ 0515
After I eat a banana
Meal 1 @ 0630: 10 egg whites, 1c oats
Meal 2 @ 1000: 1c ff plain greek yogurt + 1c l% cott cheese, 1 whole wheat bagel, & honeycrisp apple
Meal 3 @ 1300: 8oz either chicken/lean beef, 1c brown rice, 1c raw veggies, 1c spinach, & dressing is usually ff italian
Meal 4 @ 1630: 8ox either chicken/lean beef, low carb option (rice/beans), veggies.

I will say, I probably need to put another meal in there somewhere, but I just haven’t really put any emphasis on shakes, supplements, etc. I take a multivitamin now, b12, and honestly, that is all. No AAS. No protein shakes. Nothing.

My goals are to be lean, approx 200lbs, but rock solid with 6-7% bodyfat. I want to speed this process up, and my hopes are you guys can recommend additional options for me. Thank you in advance. FYI, the pics are from today.