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Nutrition/Caffeine Advice for First Powerlifting Meet?

So after some pushing from a couple close friends I signed up for my first powerlifting mete. They’ve helped me but together a simple peaking program and have been going over technique, commands, legal gear, etc but there’s been difference of opinions in the actual day off the comp in terms of caffeine and food consumption. Some keep it conservative and eat foods they know agree with them and sip on an energy drink throughout the day. Others opt to each shitty food and take full scoops of preworkout before each lift. Had one guy tell me eats one really big meal in the morning and keeps protein bars on hand but usually doesn’t eat them.

I’ll probably end up going the conservative route because that’s just my personality but I’m curious about how others go about their eating and caffeine consumption during the day of the comp

Im usually pretty conservative as well during my meets. I usually eat a decent sized breakfast, then have a couple 5hr energys throughout the day while sipping on gatorade and and chugging water. I always keep some protein bars on me tho, in case i actually get hungry but i usually never do.

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I tend to have a weight gainer shake before hand if it’s a morning comp for afternoon I’ll eat a big breakfast. I bring food but never eat it. For preworkout I mix 1.5 times the max dose and sip it to prep for squats then a sip usually before or after each attempt to keep the energy high. Try to drink water often enough. I’m usually to nervous to eat.

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You definitely don’t want to experiment with new things at a meet, eat foods that you are used to and don’t go too crazy with caffeine because it can end badly. Don’t worry about “eating healthy” or anything like that, just eat so that you have energy and don’t feel sick. Personally, I would bring some sort of snacks to eat between lifts and not eat too much at any one time. You can have more caffeine than you would on a normal day, but don’t take it all at one time. I usually take caffeine pills before training, so in a meet I do the same before squats but then sip on energy drinks to keep my energy levels up.