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Nutrition book

I’m finally beginning to write down everything I eat. I’ve got a food scale and two legal pads like the “Missing Ingredient” article suggested but I can’t find a good nutrition book.
Does anyone know a good book or source for finding the macro profiles for foods per ounce? All I’ve been able to find is macros per 100 grams.

There are many good ones available. I got one at Wal-Mart called The Complete Book of Food Counts. Elite-Fitness also has a good reference for food values somewhere on their website.

Try netrition, an online site. The site should come up in a search. One you find the site, go to the food nutrients section.

I use fitday.com as my food log. It works brilliantly for this purpose.

I got free diet shareware at tucows.com . .does all the counting / adding for me- then I just print it

I don’t know of any books, but I use this site to plan my meals weekly: ntwrks.com/~mikev/

This should have all of the info that you need.

Tony: There are literally THOUSANDS out there. I own “The Nutrition Bible: The Comprohensive, No-Nonsense Guide to Foods, Nutrients, Additives, Preservatives and Everthing Else We Eat and Drink” (Jean Anderson; Barbara Deskins). It’s through, and easy to read and follow. It also gives you a breakdown on most foods you’ll eat. You can also find a lot of resourses on the Internet. Hope this helps!

The `Nutribase Complete Book of Food Counts’ by Dr Art Ulene is excellent and costs a pittance.

If you go to this URL: http://www.cyberdiet.com/ni/htdocs/index.html
you will be brought to a list of groups of food to choose from, to find the exact food you want. You will be able to enter the exact portion size, in any one of many forms of measurment. Good luck!