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Nutrition Before/After a HIIT Cardio Session?


I usually lift weights 5 days a week and in the two remaining days i do a 20-30 minut long HIIT cardo interval training session containing of 14 intervals of 40 sec. with fast running and a 15 sec. break between every interval.

I am carbcycling and the cardiodays are my low carb days, which means only carbs at breakfast.
But I do the cardio in the afternoon and I am a bit unsure of what I have to eat before and after the cardiosession to prevent any muscleloss, and maybe even to drop some fat.
What do you guys recommend? Do I need carbs or what?


If you're performance isn't suffering, you don't need more carbohydrates.

Are you happy with the progress you are making?


Right now I am not really doing the low carb day, because I eat a carb meal containing carbs both before and after I run, but would I be able to quit those meals and eat some protein/fat meals instead?


Yes--then check your results in performance and body composition.

By the way, 20 minutes of exercise isn't much. So I don't see the need for worry.


If you're really worried, hit some BCAAs or MAG-10 before your sessions.



You should really question your goals when embarking on such a schedule. If you are looking for supreme fitness then carbs on HIIT days is a must. But I guess if you're into carb cycling your main aim is body composition?
I go through such phases when I'm keen to drop fat and it's always make or break when it comes to neural fatigue and over-training. My compromise is some light aerobic cardio post-weights, e.g. 20-40 mins slow jog. Carb wise I've done everything from 13 days straight on less than 30g, to para-WO only. I think the latter is best for maintaining strength; the former does work for fat loss but I have to b honest and say I have lost some lean tissue on such severe programmes.


Agreed, I'm 28 days out from the stage and I have carbs before and after HIIT. I don't see merit in lowering carbs below 100g/day, and I have attained 4% bodyfat for competition.