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Nutrition Back From a Layoff

How would I go about getting back into an anabolic environment nutrition wise without growing a fat belly straight away? (Doing cardio 3/4 times a week)

A typical day looks like:


*1/2 a cup of oatmeal + fruit + small amount of skimmed milk
*5 egg whites + vegetables


*Granary bread sandwich with meat of some kind
*sometimes fruit and natural yoghurt

Main meal:

*moderate portion of rice or Pasta
*meat or fish


*occasionally pieces of fruit, cottage cheese etc between meals

Thanks in advance


While there are probably a lot of people on this site who are more qualified to answer this, my suggestion would be TC’s Chanko Diet; I’ve used it and gotten excellent results:


You could also try his Delta 1250 diet; while I personally haven’t used it, it’s gotten pretty good feedback on the site:


Just remember not to eat too much at one sitting; keeping your insulin levels from peaking too much is very effective for keeping the fat off. You could also try Berardi’s (I think it’s Berardi, anyway) recommendations for only eating protein + carbs or protein + fats (basically, don’t eat carbs and fats together, and eat most of your P+C meals in the morning).

Instead of having 3 large meals and small snacks, IMO have 5-7 small meals. The foods you are consuming are great though.