Nutrition App Suggestions?

Has anyone had any experience with any nutrition apps and can make a general recommendation. I’m a newbie and wanting to get a handle on the gaps in my nutrition. I thought an app might be a good option as I always have my phone when I am out and about.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

I know quite a few others on this site and myself, use an app called “MyFitnessPal”
It’s free on the app store (But you can buy the premium, I Don’t see a point to) , You can track your daily calories, you weight, etc.
I personally like how you can scan bar codes and instantly get all the info you need about that product.
Hope that helps!

Ditto “My Fitness Pal.”

Thank you so much. Really appreciate the swift response.

I’ll echo on myfitnesspal but add something—whenever you are able to, double check the values with the actual food label.

Myfitnesspal crowd-sources the food info (much like how anyone can post an article on Wikipedia), so you have to trust the other users that have already added that food to the database. I’ll tell you by experience (been using myfitnesspal for 1.5 years day in day out) that it isn’t always accurate.