Nutrition and Weight Loss Help

I have been an offensive lineman for the past 8 or so years and as a result i have always just ate whatever i wanted because i did not care about how i looked and i was able to rationalize it because being big helped me at my position. these bad habits have led me to balloon to over 330 lbs.

i am strong and i move well for my size so it has not been an issue but ive been starting to notice all the extra stress my joints have to deal with because of the extra weight which had led to some nagging ankle, knee, and lower back issues. I realize there is no need for me to be so big anymore and if anything losing the weight will make me better as ill be quicker and my joints will have added relief.

The problem is ive never really lost weight in my life so i am totally clueless in regard to nutrition and weight loss. any sort of advice or tips will be greatly appreciated.

Need to keep track of what your eating. Starting looking at carbs and fats. Want to keep them as separate as possible. Take a week to find out how low you can go on carbs and still perform. I’ve been staying around 100 on light days and upwards of 200-225 on heavy lifting days. Keep sugar as low as possible. I stay below 60 grams. Fats right now I look for 50-70 depending non the day when I’m paying attention to what I’m eating.

Now its taking me three years to figure out what works and what doesn’t for me and to actually stay on track with it. But I dropped from 300 to my current 210, and from 45%bf to 10.5-11. Now I’m not saying those numbers will be good for you but maybe it will help you get an idea. Figure out your BMR. Realize that this is not a temporary thing. It’s going to be forever, and don’t take that as I’ll never get to eat the foods I love. I eat pizza, pastas, brownies, drink beer but a whole lot less than I use to. Eat four to five times a day minimum but keeping the meal size down so your not over doing it.

You need quality nutrients that comes from quality food. The more natural the environment that your food was raised in, the better.

Good protein sources: free-range eggs, grass fed beef, free-range chicken, wild caught fish, lean pork or turkey, buffalo, wild game, Metabolic Drive, MAG-10

Good fats: Grass-fed butter, coconut oil, nuts (especially macadamias, avoid peanuts, they’re technically a legume anyways), olive oil, flax seeds, seeds, olives, the fat from grass-fed meats & free-range eggs, fish oil

Good carbs: organic white or wild rice, potatoes (red, sweet, regular), gluten free oats, fruit, squash, vegetables, quinoa, buckwheat

There may be other foods not listed, but this should give you a good idea.

Basically you have to earn your carbs, so put them around your workout (before, during, after). Plazma would be a great choice to get your carbs from for your peri workout source. Fruit or starchy carbs around your workout only for now. Most meals I would focus on quality protein, healthy fat, and vegetables. If you don’t want to count calories, any easy way to go is what Berardi does. Two palms of protein, two thumbs of healthy fat (if needed, perhaps your protein source already has enough fat in it), two fists of veggies, for your meals. Post workout you could add two cupped hands of starchy carbs or grains or fruit.

This will get you lean while developing some good nutritional habits. Of course take some measurements and adjust your plan based on your energy levels, hunger and fullness cues, and the progress you are getting.

You could easily just have quality protein, veggies, and healthy fat, Plazma peri workout, some white rice post workout with your quality protein, healthy fats, and veggies, and make great progress.

thank you