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Nutrition and Training on Cycle


Alright well I've trained naturally and I know how my body responds to certain lifts, certain foods, and all that fun stuff.
I know how to diet down and get shredded and I know how to bulk up without going straight fat boy mode haha.

Now my question is how does all this change with gear?

I know that If I eat I'll grow, Obviously haha but will the test lean me out? I know I'll bloat up which im cool with but would it counter intuitive to lower my calories some while on or should I just wait until my PCT is over and start a nice slow cut to preserve all teh hard earned muscle?

Now I'm almost on week 3 of my first cycle and Nothing has changed with my diet or training BUT I have seen some insane gains in strength. For example:
4 weeks ago I was bb rowing 245x10-12 Last back day I hit 315x8
Lateral raises went from 50s for reps to 60s for reps.
And thats just a few lifts, All of my back lifts are going up ALOT.
(Isn't it supposed to take longer to kick in? Placebo maybe?)

So with that being said I know that protein synthesis is increased while on, should I just lift heavy as hell OR lift heavy as hell and add some more volume since my body has higher than normal recovery?

What did you change about nutrition or training once you got on???


Training didn't change much at all for me. Still have 2 Squat and Deadlift days and 1-2 Press days. Only difference is that I don't have to take as much time off between going heavy and the weight jumps I make from week to week are bit higher. For the nutrition everything pretty much stayed the same as well. 1g protein per bodyweight and 2-3g of carbs per pound. Dont count fat but considering eggs, cheese and steak are daily on my menu in sure its close to 80-100g daily.