Nutrition and Proper Lifting Form

I am wondering what calculations (if any) I can use to determine my maintenance load for daily calorie intake.

As well, I have just started doing deadlifts and squats but am unsure of my form. Unfortunately I do not have anyone experienced around at my gym that could help. Could someone point me to some illustrations of proper form? Thanks in advance.

There are a TON of calculators out there all will just give you an estimate staring point there is one in this

Massive Eating
M/E Reloaded


Thanks for the help.


Video clips of proper form (usually proper form)

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I wouldn’t bother with that site, the form they use isn’t particularly good.

Check out for some good olympic lift stuff and olympic related lifts, for some powerlifting competition clips…

Is there anything in particular you’re looking for?


[quote]buffalokilla wrote:

Is there anything in particular you’re looking for?


Thanks for the links. Just checked them out and looks like I’ll be spending the next little while reading and watching.

I have done very little lower body work, aside from running, and would like to change that in order to better balance myself out. Because of this I am looking to add some squats and deads into my routine. I am also interested in other power/Oly lifts that I could add into my routine to spice things up.