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Nutrition and Night Peeing

I started training the “The Best Damn Workout Plan For Natural Lifters” two months ago. The program really fits me. I like that it short and I can give everything every time. I like that I am fresh for the next workout and looking forward to it. But most off all I like the progress (-:

So what is this night peeing stuff? I started eating better, trying to have 5-6 meals and 30g of protein each time. I train in the evening and have a shake after training, as a pre-meal I have oats with whey protein. So that is two shakes a day.

I don’t drink alcohol, eat junkfood or pre-process food in any way. I get three homemade meals each day. Eating lots of vegetable, meat, fruit and have cut down on carbs.

All that protein is making me get up at night, sometime twice and it’s fucking up my sleep and now my girlfriend has ordered me to sleep in the living room.

I am looking for a solution. Should I train in the morning and eat more in the hours after and then stop eating around seven? I have read so much about how important it is to get enough protein and spread it out in 3 hours intervals. But then I have to eat late.

Can I get away with not feeding my body for 10-12 hours?

Diapers are not an option :joy:

Well if you can, training in the morning is always better. Not related to peeing, just better hormonally speaking.

Why are you peeing more at night? Could be many things. Protein is mildly diuretic (makes you pee)… could be the consumption of more fluids in the evening, could be ingesting less carbs (carbs make you retain water). Could be the protein overloading the kidneys.

Thanks I will start training in the morning around 7am. It will be quit a change. :scream:
Any suggestion on what to eat before training, I won’t have much time for digestion.

It will take you about 5-10 workouts to get used to it.

Here is from the article : https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/the-best-muscle-building-breakfast

Since I train really early in the morning (I wake up 4:30 AM and train around 6:30), I want something easy to digest. I also don’t take in carbs because I’ll have carbs in my workout drink (Plazma™). Also, I have carbs in my last meal of the evening to help me relax and shut my brain off, so my glycogen stores aren’t empty in the morning.

So what I like to do is make a protein pancake:

2 whole eggs
2-3 egg whites
1 scoop Metabolic Drive® Protein
Cinnamon (about 5g)

Thanks, That is good news since I am already eating a banana pancake every morning

  • 4 medium eggs
  • 1 medium banana
  • Cinnamon
  • A small handfull of oat.
  • some blueberries
  • fried in coconut oil

Can I eat that one hour before I train? Or is it to much.

Last, I am curious, at what time do you go to bed?

I dont like to have it fried. I personally think its too much fat overall… especially since your carbs are high too

Try eating a solid meal instead of having a post-workout shake.

For some reason I’ve had the same problem for quite some time and getting worse as I get older. It seems every time I eat clean which usually entails lower carbs I pee like crazy all day and all night.

Not sure if it’s the diuretic effect of the higher protein in addition to the lower carbs or maybe even higher cortisol levels but it really disturbs my sleep. Haven’t figured out how to stop it.

It’s time to grow some balls

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How old are you?

I am 53, that’s one foot in the grave (-:

I’m almost 55, so I’d appreciate it if you’d get your foot out of my grave and go find your own. :wink:

Being 53 is very likely why you’re having to get up at night to pee. A visit to your urologist for a prostate exam and frank discussion of your options is in order.

Im 56 and in my case definitely not prostate related. Have had regular exams over the years but aside from that is just the shear volume of urine coming out of me. It’s not like I go a little then have o go again a short time after with only a little more output. I can easily fill 20 oz bottles each time lol.

Well, the only way one can know that their nocturia is not prostate-related is to get checked (as you say you have been). So your experience notwithstanding, I think my advice to the OP remains valid.