Nutrition and Lifting Advice

Hi, this is my first post on T-Nation. Before I get to my main questions I would like present a little lifting background about myself.

I have participated in sports ever since I have been able to walk and had always enjoyed competition.

I had never truly realized what it took though, to participate at a varsity level until sophomore year of high school. Between sophomore year and junior year I began lifting and using creatine despite possessing only elementary knowledge in these areas. It was not until the summer between junior and senior year when I met an avid T-Nation reader and training veteran that I finally began to lift and eat correctly. That summer while bulking and training for football I began to learn the ropes of proper nutrition and lifting and went from 170 lbs to 200 lbs and raised my bench max about 50 lbs and improved vastly in many other areas. This was accomplished in the span of about one month and a half, utilizing supplements such as whey protein, methoxy pro, zma, bcaas, xtend, ice, Metabolic Drive and anagen.

After football had ended, in order to prepare for wrestling I began to cut weight using a modified version of the velocity diet. I dropped to 173 lbs and maintained that weight while lifting and wrestling and became leaner through out the months.

Wrestling season has now ended and I am approximately 174 lbs. I am eating as healthy as possible attempting to adhere to John Berardi?s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutritional Programs and since I do not currently have a set lifting program I have just started using the Shut Up Program mentioned in Tim Henrique?s recent article. (

Since I just started eating and lifting well, since the beginning of last summer, I am still what most people would refer to as a n00b. My goals for my training pre-summer though is to gain as much lean mass while limiting fat gain before I cut to achieve that 6 pack I have always dreamt of. I have decided I do not want to bulk though since I do not wish to gain more than 8-10lbs of fat. I have decided not to post pics as it is my first post but if you request pictures I will post. If you have any advice on how I may put on significant lean mass before summer while limiting fat gain to less than 10 lbs please post away.

Here are my current stats:

Age: 18
Height: 5?9?
Weight: 174
BF %: approx 15-17%
Squat max: approx 250-260
Bench max: approx 215
Deadlift max: have not maxed out at deadlift

My daily nutrition involves a lot of eggs, meat, veggies, fruit, and sometimes nuts. I usually have either an omelet with fruit for breakfast, or oatmeal with fruit and whey. I usually only have non fruit/veggies in the morning and post workout. I also have up to 5 whey protein shakes a day, usually one before bed since I do not posses Metabolic Drive at the moment. My current supplements I am using include scivation xtend and whey protein. Due to my current money situation I will probably only be able to purchase Metabolic Drive or surge? in a week or two maybe both if I am lucky. I have been advised by friends that counting calories is not necessary at the moment but idk
If there are any recipes that can be made a night before and then brought to school in a container etc please do share.

If you have any advice or requests please post away. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Thank you.

can some1 please reply… :`( lol

Well personally while your goals are good I think they suck your going to spin yor wheels. You need a considerable amount of lean mass yet unwilling to add fat to get that which idf you want a TON of LBM it wil be needed or buckets of drug. thne it nearly march summer is what 3, 4 months tops away and you want to have gained all that LBM and have dieted down to get a six pack by then

I think you need to reevaluate and think about your ultimate goal what that is and go for it. This stuff takes time and yoyoing aint the best way for sure


thank you…i kinda feared that would be the answer lol

can someone post a good link regarding bulking etc

[quote]stranberg18 wrote:
can someone post a good link regarding bulking etc[/quote]

Do a search for “bulking Tips for newbies” I bumped it the other day TON of info in there