Nutrition and Late Evening Workouts

Like most people out there, I’m not able to workout till 7:00 - 7:30 pm. So my question is about nutrition. Being a person tries to consume a vast amount of complex carbohydrates during the day what happens in the evening? My understanding was that anything after 7:00 at night was to be strictly protein very low carbohydrate. Is my understanding correct? If so then what happens to a descent post workout meal? Is this lost because of working out so late?

it is advisible to still have your pwo carbs because your body needs them. however it all depends on what your goals are. either way i would try to arrange your carb meals before,during, and after your workout. that is the best time to consume carbs for your body to utilize them properly. morning carbs are okay too. hope this helps.

You can eat carbs after workout for about 90 minutes. See JB’s articles about Surge and his other nutrition writings.

pikonme, don’t worry too much, because the rules change once the workout occurs. Get those carbs into you to maximize your protein anabolism!

Good question

Not an expert but… When you make your body work you need to replace the energy lost. A certain number of kcal will not turn to fat due to the need for sugar and some protein to your muscles immediately p w/o. However, your margin of error is significantly reduced when you train at night, because any extra calories you eat do have a good chance of being stored as fat.

I try to avoid training at night as much as possible, but sometimes its unavoidable. When I do, I take Surge when I’m done (2 scoop, 1 if I’m not exhausted), and then I eat something like a chicken breast or a serving of Low-Carb Grow! with some water or a little skim milk about an hour before bed. While this doesnt seem to be counterproductive I have no long term results to share.

All I can say for sure is that the later in the day the more careful you have to be with CHO intake, (although it should always be monitored). What are trying to do primarily? Lose fat or gain muscle? If its lose fat be a little conservative and adjust. If its gain muscle be more generous w the post workout drink and protein and adjust from there. I hope others post for you too. I think I may have raised more questions than I answered.