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Nutrition and Hot Weather


If one is lifting (ME, DE ,etc)or even doing a sprint session on a day that is really hot (today in NY for example 85) should the post workout carbs or protein be altered/raised in order to compensate for the heat -I did sweat more than usual but I loved it!! lol How about pre workout same issue?


No, but you should drink more water. Did you work "harder" because it was hotter- no, you just sweat more.


Sweating is good. It helps cleanse the body and gets rid of toxins.

Sweat on!! LOL


thanks for the reply - I think this is the grey area that I am unsure about. I think any athlete would tell you that it is more difficult to train in hot weather than moderate weather. They could also go through the same routine but become more fatigued in hot weather. This is why I was wondering if nutrition could be an additional aid for endurance and prevent any further catabolic effects due to the excess sweating. I definitely know about drinking water but I was just curious about other things you guys might do. Thanks again


Your question was specifically that you wondered if you should up your nutrition to account for the extra work necessary. I still disagree that it is actually extra work. You may become tired faster, but that doesn't mean you worked harder just that you are most likely becoming dehydrated. I do agree that extra nutrition would be good for endurance and to prevent catabolism, just not solely because of weather.


Hey eengrms,
Thanks and very good points. I figured drinking more fluids was the route to take when the "heat is on". I guess avoiding fatigue and building up conditioning is the tough part when training in warmer weather - I guess it hasn't been that warm up until now but I'm sure I'll get used to it again.


I'm definitely no expert, but I would argue that while the workload may not change, your body has to work harder to regulate temperature.

I would imagine that excessive sweating/water loss would affect electrolyte balance.

I've trained HARD and competed in some of the warmest places on earth (i.e India in July) and defintitely felt flushed from drinking 8-10L of only water. At that point, I generally start to lose water faster than I can consume it. I was encouraged to increase my sodium intake to prevent further water loss.

Any thoughts?


Agreed. Sodium would help you maintain water, as it normally causes retention. However... it is no substitute for drinking plenty of fluids. If you are ever even at the edge of dehydration- you are not drinking nearly enough and should immediately triple it. I try to get in almost 2 gallons of water a day- by itself, i.e. not including any water used in shakes, food, etc. And I don't even train in hot weather.