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Nutrition and Health Info for Research Papers


Is there a site you all prefer when getting the latest health and nutrition info? I have to write a few papers for a nutrition class but, I can not find any articles with good sources, Prof. stated they must be done by researchers, RD's, or DR.'s.


I'm an RD with an MS. Are you in a DPD program, or other sort of life sciences program. If you're in one, then I'm confused as to why they don't have a research methodology course or computer workshop showing you where to go.

Here's a start...
Medline (www.pubmed.com)
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (www.ajcn.org)
Sport Discus ( http://www.ebscohost.com/thisTopic.php?topicID=585&marketID=1 )
Journal of the American Dietetics Association (www.adajournal.org)
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise (Journal of ACSM) ( http://journals.lww.com/acsm-msse/pages/default.aspx )

And like... hunreds of other journals dealing with nutrition and metabolism.

You wrote: "I can not find any articles with good sources." Dude, I'm asking in all politeness here: Are you serious? You're in a real college program and don't know where to go for scholarly work? Have you ever tried attending your college library where dozens, if not HUNDREDS, of life science journals are kept?

What's the topic?


I second basically exactly what Bricknyce said. Research and papers written in peer-reviewed journals should be the main sources that you use for your paper. I'm surprised that you're in any sort of scientifically oriented program or any program that requires the writing of research papers and you have no idea how to find quality primary and secondary sources for your papers. Most university libraries (and even many smaller colleges) tend to have fairly extensive databases of journal articles. Even when I was at a smaller junior college, they had subscriptions to a dozen+ quality general journal databases and now that I go to an actually good university, they have a database that is incomprehensibly large (access to 1000s of journals of different types).

Medline (pubmed.org) tends to catalog a lot of the relevant research that comes out in the field of nutrition (and a lot of colleges subscribe to the medline database) and the other examples Bricknyce gave are known to be highly reputable academic journals that are recognized enough to very likely be subscribed to by your academic institution (and likely WAY more nutrition related journals are subscribed to as well).


I am currently doing my masters of Dietetics and I find itâ??s pretty easy to get your hands on information when you really try;

Firstly, does your university/college have an online journal archive? My uni has an "Ubesco Host" system that routes new studies through the libraries website. You can also use pub med (see above), or use Google scholar if you are desperate (you will need to keep in mind that you need to be wary of the articles via this method).

As well as this (or if your institution does not have a router), I also subscribe to Alan argons research review, you have to pay a monthly fee ($10) - but I have used it for my sports dietetics unit as well as other assignments.

I would also recommend seeing your librarian to suggest the better journals, and if you can try and get your lecturers opinion on what journals are the most prestigious and reliable.


What I would give to have access to the online medical library I had during my internship again, oh well.

All excellent sources from previous posts.

If your looking for excellent clinical nutrition info JPEN (Journal of Parenteral and Enteral nutrition) and Nutrition in Clinical Practice are good, but you have to pay for on-line access.


Thanks for the responses. I am not in a nutrition program it is an elective I have to take to graduate (nutrition & health). I was looking at pubmed a few days ago but, the studies are a bit to scientific, if that makes any sense. The assignments are not really reasearch papers, more like summaries on articles that then have to be discussed/presented in class. Things like benefits of berries, lycopene, etc.


Studies are too scientific for you, but you need articles with good sources. Aren't studies good sources? You want someone else to summarize it for you so you can regurgitate it in your paper?

What topic interests you? I'm sure we (or someone here) can lead you to great well referenced articles on just about any topic.


Try Today's Dietitian then. Nothing but articles by RD's, most with advanced degrees (MS, Phd, MPH).


Dude, actually you now have me confused.

Do you need PEER REVIEWED studies. That is, academic, professional studies written by researchers?

Or do you need articles in consumer/layperson magazines written by health or science professionals (Phds, RD's, RN's, pharmacists, etc.)?


Thanks Brick I was just looking at the site, I also looked into newaspapers and magazines, They are usually written by researchers, RD'S, etc. I tried to edit the post earlier but, it did not go through. The mods changed the title of the thread.


Sport discuss is awesome (one of the links that Brick posted). My school uses it and I use it whenever I have a research assignment.