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Nutrition and GI Issues

Hello, looking for recommendations for a multi vitamin, fish oil and protein powder for my 16 yo son. He has some GI issues so he has to limit his fat intake and be very careful with dairy products. The size of fish oils caps is a problem also. Which products are the most easily digested? Maybe a multi powder rather than caps and not too acidic. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

I also have some pretty fun GI issues, so here’s my recommendation.

Fish oil:
Barleans makes a product called Omega Swirl (Lemon Zest flavor). It’s the consistency of a syrup and tastes pretty damn good. I highly recommend it.

Digestive Enzymes:
I like to take Digest Gold’s digestive enzymes by Enzymedica. They help break down food to cause less stress in your system.

Overall suggestions:
Limit fruit to 1-2 peices per day. Limit milk and milk-derived products to 8oz a day. Limit nuts to 2oz cumulative a day. Eat 1-2 salads a day, but don’t go hog-wild on dressing. Lean meats are great. I have the least problems digesting very lean red meat, chicken breats, and turkey breasts.

Try to have him stay away from coffee (regular and decaf), as coffee is very acidic and can wreak havoc on your GI tract. I’d also recommend taking some probiotics before bed to help keep everything flowing smoothly. Minimal pill-form suplements helps to be honest, but is sometimes difficult to avoid. Despite what supp companies tell you, I find it much easier on the stomach to take ALL suplements with food.