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Nutrition and Gains

So I have been training in the gym using beginner 5/3/1. Im finishing up week 3 so I haven’t been in the program very long. Mondays and Fridays I do 531 squats and bench with each followed by 5x5 first set last and kroch rows, leg curls for.hamstrings and trice pushdowns. Wednesdays is deadlift and over head press the same way and I do lat pulldowns, incline dumbbell press and hanging leg raises and hyper extensions.

I don’t count calories like I should but I keep track of my protein. I eat 175-200 grams of protein daily with a lean body weight of 180 (that’s minus body fat).

In these few weeks I have lost 4 inches on my waist and lost my man boobs and can see a nice increase in muscle.

My question is, since I have the extra fat, bf 29%, once I get leaner will I have to eat more to maintain or gain or will it remain about the same? My theory is my body gets the extra calories from the fat, the whole in vs out, but I already eat a ton.

Breakfast: 6 eggs 2 pieces 12 grain bread and 1 cup frozen berries.
Pre workout I blend a rice and protein drink, 1 scoop protein.
Post work 2 scoops protein
Meal 1: 6oz steak and 1 cup rice
Meal 2: can of tuna And few tbs mayo
Spinach and orange juice shake before work and a big spoonful of almond butter
Meal 3: 6 oz ground turkey or sirloin 2 gold potatoes

I should try to get one more meal in at work possibly but I’ve been slacking on that. Hopefully that’s enough information.

Edit: I work manufacturing and hang parts all night. I hang parts ranging from 5-20lbs and run approximately 600 parts an hr.

If you are able to maintain your muscle mass then yes, you will be able to eat more when you reach you fat loss goals to maintain your weight.

A way to approach this which may fit your psychology better is to establish a good and maintainable level of food intake/activity and let your body respond rather than going hard for a fat loss number.

I’m not trying to lose weight. I’ve been trying to eat healthy with the emphasis on enough protein. I don’t have a big appetite so what I eat now is a lot of food to me. I’ve stayed the same weight since I started this program. I’ve stayed 245lbs, just been losing a lot of bf which is awesome.

Edit: I should have added in the original post that my main goal is to get strong. I’m just curious if my losing body fat is helping with the gains and once that stops, if it is helping, if I will have to up my caloric intake. Hopefully that makes sense. I’m ready for bed but still have about 2 hours left at work.

I was confused because when you said “once I get leaner”, I didn’t realise this was happening against your will.


As long as I keep going up in my lifts via reps and or weight I’m fine losing fat. Just worried I’ll have to eat a lot more than I already am. I know the simple answer is respond to my body. If I get fat eat less, if my weights stall or decrease or I lose too much weight eat more.

Edit: best way I can think to put my question is. Once I lose my fatassedness will I have to eat more calories to continue with the gains. Haha

I wish that’d happen to me as well lol

No, just the opposite. As bodyweight drops, caloric needs drop along with it, and you will need less food (no matter your goal). Further, if your bodyfat drops to low levels (ballpark <10%), your metabolism will slow, and caloric needs will drop even further.

The only way ‘getting leaner’ leads to an increase in caloric requirements is if one accomplishes it by gaining LBM while simultaneously maintaining absolute bodyfat levels.


Thank you. That helps a lot

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