Nutrition and Finals Week (Students)

I am a student studying Wireless Electronics (Electrical Engineer) and this has been our finals week. I started a diet three weeks ago and I have been able to eat clean and go to school. The last few days we have been taking our final exams and I am having a hard time doing this.

I sleep only a few hours a night, I still do my workouts and I still follow my diet, but I feel like crap.

Is there any nutritional advice anyone can give me? What are your takes on Lo Carb Monster with 10 cals per serving and 3g of carbs? Following is my normal diet so you can fix that if you see something wrong:

Pre Meal: HOT-ROX (15 min)
Meal 1: Egg whites and sliced Ham and 2 Flameout (pre workout)
Meal 2: Metabolic Drive Lo Carb (post workout)
Meal 3: Tuna and Salmon Roll and 4 Flameout
Pre Meal: HOT-ROX (15 min)
Meal 4: Metabolic Drive Lo Carb
Meal 5: Baked Chicken breast, Monster Energy Drink Lo Carb
Meal 6: Protein shake, 2 Flameout

Keep in mind that this was what i ate yesterday and my lunch and dinner change but I used of what I learned reading the forums. Yesterday was also chest and tricep day at the gym. For some reason I feel bloated and lazy (maybe lack of sleep). Thank you for taking the time and readin my post.

All you can do is push through, stick with the diet, get sleep when you can (20 to 30 minute naps help a LOT)…

I drink the low car monsters too so just rock it out… black coffee (for cut) and coffee with full cream (bulk) are also good ways to avoid a lot of sugar but get the caffinee in…

BTW, I am in the middle of 2 finals, a paper for publication, and getting my defense ready, so trust me, I feel ya…

take a break, enjoy a “cheat” beer Friday or Saturday night and push on…

If your diet is hurting your attentiveness, scratch it and start again after finals.

Your finals are much more important. Be in top shape for them.

Finals are NOT the time to start a diet.

At least that’s how it is for me. My exams are usually crammed into a very short time period, which means I’m stressed as hell. The only way to survive is to eat everything in my path - my calorie consumption goes up by about 3000cal/day during exam time.

Not the greatest advice, I know. It’s probably more of a personal thing. But a lack of protein makes me depressed (and I don’t mean a little bit of the college blah, either). A lack of carbs makes my brain deflate with a squeaking sound. And if I under-eat, my immune system takes a beating and I fall apart, with sores, the flu, aching joints, the whole shebang.

If you are not getting enough sleep, I would not train for a few days. What you could do is skip training for a couple days during the week, and take an extra hour to cook some meat. Pack it up and put it in the fridge for the week. If you don’t have a way to cook, tuna, cottage cheese, broccoli, and hummus are staples when i don’t have time