Nutrition and Cutting Plan

I recently asked on here for suggestions on what program i should start after i finish my current one (TBT by Waterbury) and received some great input. I ultimately decided on 5/3/1 BBB. However, as i started doing some research on the 5/3/1 plan, i began to think that i might not be lean enough to start such an intense mass gaining plan. I’ve seen it said on here that you shouldn’t bulk if you are over 15% body fat, and ideally not until you are at 12% or lower. I thought that i was around 13% based on a three point caliper reading i did several months ago. I originally thought 13% sounded a little low, as i thought i was more likely closer to 16-18%. So last week i read about how to be more accurate using the calipers and ended up getting 18%. That sounds closer to accurate, and based on pictures I have looked at of what the different body fat percentages look like, i think i am most likely between 16-19%, as i just have a very small bit of definition in my abs, little more than an outline. If that is the case, i know i should do some cutting before i start something like the 5/3/1 plan. I don’t currently keep up with my calories, but i eat pretty clean. I don’t drink soda and avoid most all sugar. The most obvious improvements i can think of for my diet is to cut out the bread and to increase protein. I probably average 80-120g of protein per day. I know i should be getting closer to 170g, as i weigh 170 lbs. I would really appreciate any advice on how to go about cutting and setting a solid meal plan.

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Try this below. Eat at maintenance calories or very small deficit. Yep up protein to around 170-200

Got it. What do you think would be an appropriate training split to use while cutting?

I’m aware that the most important thing is my diet. I have a tendency to get caught up worrying about all the small details, thus my propensity to to struggle with picking out appropriate plans, etc. I’m thinking about just running through the TBT by Waterbury again and adding some walking after lift days and maybe some other cardio on off days. Sound reasonable?

Er??.. go back and acutally read all the article I linked! -Has a proven training plan with everything laid out

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