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Nutrition After Tonsillectomy?

Hi, I’m turning 18 in 7 days, and I just had my tonsils removed this morning.

The doctors have told me that for several days I can only drink clear liquids, eat popsicles, and juice. They say it will be at least two weeks before I can eat whole foods again.

Up until today, I have been eating about 5000 kcal per day, and upward of 200 grams of protein from meat, fish, and poultry. Obviously it will be very difficult to consumer anywhere near this many calories now…

It will be at least four days before i can drink protein shakes or fruit smoothies, and then only fruits without seeds. I picked up some powdered BCAA’s that will completely dissolve in water, so I’ll be using those.

Does anyone have any experience with this problem or any good ideas for keeping my calories at a reasonable level?

Thanks, Tyler