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Nutrition Advice

Hey guys, I’ve been lurking around for a while and trying to piece together a meal plan to help me lose some more fat. Ive been training for a year and am 5’3 190 (down from 250). Here is what I am looking at, please advise

Meal 1 1.5 cups Special K with Skim Milk

Meal 2 1 cup FF Cottege Cheese

Meal 3 Grilled Chicken Salad with Oil/Vinegar dressing or Tuna (1 tsp ff mayo, 1 tsp relish)

Meal 4 Biotest Powerdrive, Bananna, 1 tbsp Peanut Butter


Meal 5 Meat(chicken, grilled/bbq/marsala; steak; pork chops/bbq pork; Turkey sausage and peppers) or Pasta. Sides of Broccoli or Green Beans

Meal 6 Whey Protein Shake

For lack of much time right now I will just throw some minor adjustments I would make.

Meal 1 = lose the Special K-rap and replace with oats, or a high fiber cereal like All Bran Xtra Fiber or Fiber One, possibly add in some type of fruit or veggie and some more protien, egg whites possibly.

Meal 2 = Add some types of veggie or fruit.

Meal 3 good except I would lose the fake mayo and put in something worth while, egg, nuts seeds, good fat, etc.

Meal 4 = ok I guess, I would either replce the PB or Banana for a good protien source,

Swap the placement of meal 5 and 6 putting the shake after w/o.

Sorry for lack of explaination but if you have any ?ing on the reason behind my suggestion just ask and I will get to it when I have a bit more time.

Also some stats on your K/cal amount you are getting a day and the macro breakdown you are shooting for would be helpfull, and I take it you keep a log.

Hope this Helps,