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nutrition advice

I have been keeping a good food log for the last week so I now have an idea of my micronutrient make-up.

My only question is what is a good total calorie intake for a 225lb guy at 17% bodyfat. I would like to bring it down to 12%. I know every estimation is a shot in the dark and only time will tell but I would just like a good starting point.

I usually here figures like 13 x body weight (or is it lean body weight?). Typically do you guys only cut 500 calories a day + 500 calories more from cardio?

My goal is to shed body fat but with as little muscle loss as possible. I got down to 197 pounds last year at 11% but lost alot of size and strength in the process.

An average day in my current diet looks like this.

2850 calories a day. 48% carbs, 32% protein, 20% fats

In theory your intake looks fine. Your food log and tracking will be your tell all. Give it two weeks and see what happens. You should be shooting for between 1-2lbs a week to minimze loss of LBM.

If you are losing to fast or to slow then adjust by +/- 259K/cals and give it another 2 weeks.

Hope this helps,


259 cals Phill?! WOW, thats really precise? :wink:

sorry I meant 250.

I do find from personal experience that if I raise my k/cal intake by 357.7865K/cals I will overtrain mentally trying to keep my food log. :slight_smile:


I think we’re onto something Phill. I use that same exact number but I usually divide it by 13.5473 then multiply that number by 13.54729. That has given me the most benefits of any cutting program out there! :slight_smile:

Tom we didnt mean to highjack your thread really just a little T-humor.

I hope my earlier post did help, and if you have further ?'s dont hesitate.


PGA I will have to try and crunch those #'s on my current routine. LOL