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Nutrition Advice for Type 3?

Hello CT, I’m a textbook neurotype 3 (after doing the test) and I recently got a DEXA Scan. I am 9.3% bodyfat so my main goal is to gain as muscle as possible, while remaining lean.
I bought your hypertrophy book in the health institute, but I would like to tailor the program and particularly the nutrition considering that I am a type 3.

  • Regarding the non-protein calories, how would you distribute them between Carbs and Fats?
  • Would you still do the 30% Carbs and 70% Fats on OFF days or is it better to maintain something like 60% Carbs and 40% Fats?
  • Is that strategy of separating carbs and Fats on meals advisable for a type 3 (I remember reading that a type 3 should always eat some carbs at meals)?

Besides that, I have really looked at your 52 primer nutrition principles, and my questions are:

  • Is it advisable for a type 3?
  • Is it better or worse considering that my main goal is muscle gain (even though I want to remain lean) ?

Thank you so much for your time, Ignacio.