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Nutrition Advice for Someone in College


I'm 18 years old and hoping to compete in a bodybuilder competition in the future and am currently enrolled at NC STATE but live at home since it's right beside my house. I want to lean up just a tad and need some advice. My goes like this:

11:00am 2 real eggs and 4 egg whites with jalapenos in them and a huge bowl of oatmeal with cinammon
1:00pm Leftovers from the night before, always some sort of high protein meat and a lot of vegetables (mom fixes the best but nutritious meals :slight_smile: ) before class
3:00pm Peanut Butter Sandwich on Wheat/wholegrain bread during class
5:00pm 2 cans of tuna with either an apple or some sort of carb source I brought
6:30pm protein shake and pre workout
7:00pm Gym
8-830pm protein shake with milk/banana/peanut butter
10:00pm Whatever meal momma fixes haha I know I'm lucky

HERES WHERE IT GETS CONFUSING.....I usually go out but hardly ever drank infact it's usually about once a month or maybe even more but what should I eat when I go out because sometimes I won't get home till around 3 or 4 so should I still be eating every 2 hours or what. When i was super gaining I would bring peanut butters with me but now I don't want all those late carbs so can someone give me some advice?

Oh and here's some things about myself
18 years old
Bench: 365 Squat: 425 Deadlift: 470
Weight: 233lbs.
Height: 6 foot 2 inches


"11:00am 2 REAL eggs"

What they were fake?

"I would bring PEANUT BUTTERS with me"

Peanut butters? WTF????

Anyways, what are you looking to do with your nutrition advice? Bulk? Cut? Culk?


Ever since the rise of intermittent fasting a lot of science and anecdotes have pretty much shown that short term fasting isn't going to kill you or destroy a lot of muscle/reduce strength.

Also, if you are drinking alcohol any macronutrients taken at this time would probably be placed as fat since ethanol has priority oxidation.

Why not just not eat at this time?



Beat me to it!

When you go out late sip on some BCAA powder in my opinion, when you get home have some cottage cheese and 1-2 tbs. of peanut butter. I don't go out often either but this is generally what I'll do in that case.